IT Related HR Service Provider

Recruiting, developing an managing IT Professionals has ever been an easy task to accomplish. AdIns Center of Excellence was developed to help you to focus on your main business, while we took care of your IT people. as part of AdIns, we have the competitive advantage of knowing the industry well, thus we can provide you with what you really need in running your IT services withing your company.

Our Services

AdIns Center of Excellence specialize in providing HR services related to the Information Technology (IT) field. backed by AdIns’ extensive experience in the IT industry, we truly understand the specific nature in recruiting, developing and managing IT people.


AdIns Center of Excellence could help you to find and recruit the best IT professionals from the industry from strategic managerial positions down to technical positions.


Should there be a need for IT Professionals in a specific period of time. AdIns Center of Excellence could help you to provide and manage there people for you.

IT Management Trainee Program

AdIns Center of Excellence has created and perfected this program since 2006 and has delivered hundreds of work-ready, well-trained IT graduates to our clients. We will help you to find top notch graduates directly from its sources, and then rigorously train them with a comprehensive, industry relevant materials delivered by industry practitioners, in order to prepare a strong league of IT Professionals to lead your business.

IT Technical & Managerial Training

AdIns Center of Excellence also conduct various IT technical and managerial trainings, both public or in-house

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