Executive Business Luncheon of Software Tools for Multifinance

  • Executive Business Luncheon of Software Tools for Multifinance

    Executive Business Luncheon of Software Tools for Multifinance

    On Tuesday, April 10th, 2018 – AdIns brought back its mainstay annual event called Executive Business Luncheon at Le Meridien Hotel, Jakarta. On this chance, AdIns compile Executive Business Luncheon of CONFINS.One, AdIns Mobile and Adicipta Dokumen Indonesia (ADO).

    About eight multifinance companies with 11 person that AdIns invited have attanded to this event. A warm welcoming speech was given by Mr. Joen S. Chandra as director of sales.

    After the opening speech, Mr. Christian Maynard as developer with Mr. Tobias Hartana as sub section head of of CONFINS cloud business started to share to all attendants about the product knowledge and how the product works. The session’s name was “How to manage multifinance business become easier with CONFINS.One”. After the explanation of CONFINS.One finished, AdIns talked about its mobile software product. Filled by Mr. Rolensa Mandeno as mobile department head, this session’s name was “Creating more efffective perfomances with Mobile Application”.

    Mr. Ronny Steven as Director of Adicipta Dokumen Indonesia (ADO) was the last presentator of this event. He talked about “How to get the efficiency of digitizing documents with document solutions”. ADO has two main solution, those are Lite DMS and DPO (Document Process Outsourcing). Those solution gather any types of document in a better integrated ways to make it easer to be processed.

    The athmospehe of this focus group discussion was so great. Attendant were being so passioante to know more about AdIns service and solution in question and answer session. At the end of event, AdIns gave a free trial of CONFINS.One for first three registrant of multifinance company for one month. Before that, AdIns have given a free tial voucher of AdIns Mobile for every company that attended. Some of them were curious enough to use this Mobile free trial. AdIns team and attendants have lunch after the whole series was done.