Ensure your operation and financial compliance and growth with Integrated Core Multi Finance system enabled by AdIns

Further your company’s success by managing acquisition, optimizing resources, complying with operation and financial reporting requirements, capturing growth opportunities and streamlining financial operations better than the competition – with integrated Core Multi Finance system: CONFINS. CONFINS system consists of several modules of marketing, loan origination, disbursement and finance operation, account maintenance, asset document management, amendment, insurance, collection management, recovery and funding. CONFINS platform is built on the foundation of engine modules, such as Supporting engine module of which include: Approval Engine, Journal Engine, Asynchronous Reporting Engine, Rule Engine, Workflow, Batch Process Tools, Notification Engine and the SLA Engine. CONFINS also equipped with a delivery channel in the form of an open API for collaboration with other systems. Delivery channel is already set up  in the Web application itself, Mobile Application, SMS Gateway, Smart Client, Rich Client, Microsoft Office Application, Portal etc. This web base application is developed using Microsoft .Net Platform as a core system with N-Tier design. N-Tier consist of Presentation tier, Business tier and Data tier which each tier may install in different server depend on size of process, traffic and data.

A core system for financing company, such as consumer finance, leasing and sharia. Collateral assets that can be financed include car, motorcycle, electronics, heavy equipment etc.

General Features

CONFINS support various financing business lines and can handle Multi Assets on single agreement, Multi Agreement for single Application, Multi-Currency, Multi Suppliers, Document Printing System, Distributed Account Payable Payment System to dealers through head office or branch, Estimation Funding needs, Customer Maintenance, Dealer Maintenance and Refund or Subsidize handling.

CONFINS build based on a performance oriented, whereas each process or chain of process can be monitor and measured for its SLA. CONFINS compatible with Active Directory which contains all user information such as Login ID (User Name) and Password.

Product & Package Modules

First module for marketing team to create product or sales package by setting up all related criteria for account acquisition. It is also includes setting the Asset Scheme; a tool to configure asset group and level base on asset type, and package to be attached to supplier and specific asset.

    In the customer acquisition process, marketing will need a preliminary screening to see whether new applicants can be process further. Several tools and features for marketing purposes consist of Credit Simulation or Trial Calculation, Prospect Data (Lead), Customer Duplicate checking, Negative list check, Customer Exposure and Group Customer Exposure.
    • Credit Management Module

      The system provide some tools and features to manage the credit, such as Document and Activity checklist control that will guide credit administrator to check and monitor documents and its content during credit process. Credit Installment scheme that can be handled consist of: Fixed, Balloon, Step Up and Down, Auto Split, Irregular, Event Principal, Grace Period with/ without payment, Floating, and Fixed rate.

    • Credit Scoring Module

      Module to manage object survey, survey decision, survey allocation scheme, survey task assignment, survey review, resurvey, and additional survey. This module may integrated to ADI-Mobile Survey.

    • Survey Management Module

      This module contain Score Card (scoring component, scoring component content, fatal score), Score Setting and Score History. Credit score card able to attach to Product or Package.

    • Credit Approval Module

      This is a workflow module to route any credit application or any relevant approval process that need to be done. The Features includes: Approval Path, Approval Hierarchy, Approval Limit and staging, Approval Decision, Approval Alternate, Approval Discussion and Communication, Appeal, Re-request, Take Back and Deviation Checking (Financial Structure, Scoring, Products, Document, etc.

    • Disbursement Module

      Module to manage 3rd parties payment, especially to dealer. Finance staff may select Account Payable due, to process disbursement through disbursement approval workflow and execute. This module includes cheque or giro maintenance for disbursement purposes.

    • Finance Operation (Petty Cash) Module

      The daily operational cash payment in branch can be managed by this module; such as petty cash and payment request for cash advance.

    • Payment Receive Module

      System provide complete features to manage payment receive, such as Teller System (Cash & Bank Transactions), Bank Reconciliation, Suspend Transactions management, Inter Bank Transaction (Transfer Fund), General Payment Receive and Disbursement, Waive fees (Request, Approval) and Correction Transaction.

    • Online Payment Module

      All transactions through bank or payment gateway, in mode of host to host real time online or batch processing is manage by this module.

    • PDC Module

      Post Dated Cheque (PDC) as most common payment tool after cash can be handled by this module. It manage PDC custody by type; external (3rd party) or internal and centralized or distributed custody. This module contains features Registration, Deposit, Clearing, Bounce/reject, Return, Hold, Request, Change location, In transit, Mutual PDC, and Inkaso PDC. Any PDC can be used as a single transaction payment or multi agreement payment.


    To manage the documents collateral of the credit, system provides features of Document overdue management, Document Movement, Document Release Management, Document Monitoring, Finished Loan Monitoring, Stock and Filling System, Cross Default and Stock Take.


    Any amendment to credit agreement will handle by this module, through some features to change terms and condition like Change Due Date, Rescheduling, Restructuring, Asset Replacement, Agreement Transfer, Partial/Full Early termination.

    • Asset Insurance modules

      Managing insurance of the assets to be financed has anticipated comprehensively by system, through several tools and features include Insurance Company Registration, Insurance Coverage Request, Policy receive and endorsement, Invoicing, Insurance Disbursement, Insurance Endorsement on request, Renewal, Claim and Termination.

    • Life insurance Modules

      In some cases company intend to protect its receivable to avoid any increase of default through life insurance of customer. So this module is built to manage life insurance of customer to cover their receivables.

    • Collection Modules

      Several collection features built in this system consist of Overdue Warning Letter or Reminder Letter tool, Parameterized Collector Profile, Desk Collection (Collector activity plan, Collector action & result record), Field Collection (Collector activity plan, Collector action & result record), Bad Debt Collection, Supervisor monitoring Tool, Collection History and Collector Performance Monitoring System.

    • Pickup Payment

      In case of a policy of pick up payment adopted by the company, that will be managed through this module. Pick up payment activities covered up some features such as Assignment Scheme, scheduling, receipt printing and Monitoring.

    • Repossession Modules

      This repossession asset collateral module contain main function of issuance of repossession letter, repossession process and sale of asset repossessed and inventory.


    To handle some agreement that have written off, this module will help to manage recovery payment receiving, collection and also repossession.

    • Joint financing

      Module to manage fund raising and Channeling or Securitization. Fund raising based on Asset Sales Facility consist of two options; Channeling or Joint Financing. And Fund raising based on Loan Facility consist of Term Loan and/or Bond. This module also provide features to get Negative Covenant, Agreement Selection with Term and Condition, Drawdown facility, Principal and Interest Disbursement, Fees disbursement, Accrued Interest Expenses, Un-Pledging and additional pledge, Early Termination, Change Rate for Floating and Security Coverage monitoring.

General Modules

General supporting module to the system includes Daily Closing, Accrued Interest Income, Stop Accrue, Journal Interface, off line Branch handling and Audit Trail.

Single System

An additional module to manage channeling or securitization from bank or main lender or parent company specifically whereas the banking report can be generated directly from the system.

CONFINS’ Related Products

To support company operation completely, AdIns also provide several supporting system that can be integrated to CONFINS as follows:

  • eGL System
  • Advance Reporting System (data warehouse & business intelligence)
  • ADI-Mobile (Mobile Order, Mobile Survey, Mobile Collection)
  • ADI-Pay (switching- payment gateway)
  • LiteDMS (Document Management System)


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