AdIns Official Release MSA (Mobile Sales Activity)

Jakarta, November 22th, 2018 – In the 2018 through professional IT personnel, AdIns release latest product named MSA (Mobile Sales Activity) which focuses on the activity of the transactions and the taking of action in the sale. This product is our latest great creation in MOBILE division, to compliment ADINS previous products MOS (Mobile Order Solution), MSS (Mobile Survey Solution), and MCS (Mobile Collection Solution),

Advantages of the MSA is tools for record Sales activities as solution to increase productivity of field person with delivery channel through mobile device, it canhelp to find out the new deal made, see the activities of the entire team in order to take appropriate action to make the planning forward or close deals more quickly, as well as automate the steps of the sales process desired.

This MSA products would be very beneficial in the field of sales and marketing. Since there are many software created specifically for inventory and become a very valuable investment in corporate data. This software will capture all sales activity and stored digitally from the source, thus the data will help to understand the various sources of status, then automate the action forward consistently, to be able to predict the execution of the sale.

As a software vendor multifinance, AdIns hope through this MSA products they focused on sales and marketing can automate tasks for sales team with more productive. The role of the MSA will provide experience and their desired workflow by moving existing data, then they can predict the workflow that you want.

The benefits of automation directly using this software will provide the learning patterns to predict success, then gave a review of the funds obtained from the sale of the activity so that it can measure and making decisions related sales productivity.

Using AdIns Mobile (MSA), B2B sales will get:

  1. Improvement on the accuracy data by automatically capturing sales details of email, calendar, web traffic and other sales tools.
  2. Find hidden information from across the entire stack of sales.
  3. Take action from anywhere, including — to easily update details such as the role of contact, closing date, the size of the deal, stages, follow-up meetings and much more.
  4. Understand the activity rhythm with the deal so it can find out the offers that are taking place or are stalled.
  5. Reduce the time to update the work activities of manually entering data, so that time can be used more to make sales activity.
  6. This Software can be accessed in the application android/smartphone so that our sales team can work with more productive and comfortable with features that will ease their current working situation.

This solution for multifinance enable access for customers by contact our sales and marketing section at + 62-21-5367 3030 or visit our website at