AdIns Participated as Speaker in APPI International Seminar 2019 in Bali

BALI, ADINS – PT Adicipta Inovasi Teknologi (AdIns), had a special opportunity to present as a speaker in an international event with a tittle “Multifinance: Consumer Protection, Risk Management, and Fraud Early Warning System in the Digital Era”. The event was held in Conrad Hotel, Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia by the Association of Indonesian Financing Companies (APPI). This association functions as a communication platform that can help pass the message to the government regarding matters that might concern the companies joining APPI.

On April 26th, 2019, APPI held an international seminar that was attended by the Indonesian Financial Services Authority (OJK) and 127 invitees from BOD, BOC, DPS, and APPI’s company members. This seminar is hoped to help companies in facing the rapid growth of technology in this digital era. During the seminar, all materials were presented in English.

As a keynote speaker, Mr. Riswinandi, Member of Board Commissioner and Chief Executive Supervisor of Non-Bank Financial Institution (NBFI) at OJK, explained how user’s personal data can be accessed by people in the multi-finance industry, especially those who have asked to access user’s location, camera, and microphone. On the other hand, OJK has prohibited peer-to-peer (P2P) lending organisers to access users’ contact list, images, and personal data from their smartphone. Additionally, P2P lending organisers are also required to follow the regulation POJK 77/2016 and POJK 18/2018 about the Protection of Financial Services Consumers.

“All multi-finance organisers, especially those who operate in the digital industry, must follow POJK regulation that only allows you to check user’s location, camera, and microphone,” said Mr. Riswinandi.

Aside from Mr. Riswinandi, there was also Mr. Sardjito as the Deputy Commissioner for Education and Consumer Protection of OJK. As the first speaker, he presented a topic of Market Conduct Supervision on Customer Protection. According to him, a company’s attitude plays an important role in establishing our income. When operating the digital business, we must pay attention to our manners as well as protect our user’s personal data.

For the next speaker, we had Mr. Johnson from PT AdIns with a topic of Digitalising Risk Management System in Multi-finance Company. In terms of the global economy, the protection of personal data has become an important instrument for the international trade industry. When we talk about digital technology, we actually have multiplied many things exponentially. These include the collection of personal data.

However, PT AdIns has prepared anticipation regarding the lending and borrowing activities in the technology-based financial system. AdIns’s credit scoring system allows you to check the customer’s real transaction and online transaction data based on several categories such as Ride Sharing, e-Commerce Account, Travel Account, Bank Account, and Office Account. In just 2-3 seconds, there are more than 100 types of information collected, ranging from the date of birth, domicile, to online shopping behaviour.

This practice of transferring personal data is safe as it operates under the permission of the data’s owner. Customers will receive a permission request in order for us to access their personal accounts. This way, companies are able to accelerate and increase the potential for credit approval in the multi-finance industry.