AdIns Supports Brawijaya Hology 2018

Jakarta, Nov 21st , 2018-AdIns supports Hology event in Brawijaya University. This event took place in Malang on 19 November 2018. The excitement of the event was held with the best booth competition. AdIns held polaroid photo booth  for participant and all participant obligated to post photos on social media account to be able to redeem a very exciting merchandise from AdIns.









At the booth AdIns also facilitates the students who wanted to ask about career AdIns. As enterprise software vendor multifinance, AdIns undertook to develop the company through the millennial generation of ideas. Breakthrough and innovation AdIns, is part of collaboration and idea from the professional IT. To be able to give the best for the environment and especially Indonesia, AdIns believe against the quality of students in the country are not inferior to foreign students so AdIns very open and provide spaces that meet their good the criteria for building a career in AdIns.

Through collaboration with various universities in Indonesia, such as Brawijaya University, AdIns hope the students have the opportunity to determine their future goals. The prospect of an open technology industry will increasingly develop environmental technologies as industry makes. For it was for those who have the same passion, it can know the tech industry especially in the AdIns environment and their product (multifinance solution) through this simple event.