Confins Team at Ranca Upas

On Saturday, November 17th – 18th , 2018 – AdIns held a team building event at Ranca Upas, Bandung. The scope of the event was held not only to employees or officers of the company, but the event also runs by vertical or horizontally. The event was attended by the CONFINS department with all the division in it such as production support division, implementation divison, product division and many more also with Mr. Kastoto as the Director of AdIns Company.

As a company that has empower multifinance solution work, AdIns hopes to plant a sense of brotherhood, unity, and cooperation for the employees in order to achieve solid teamwork, effective, and efficient. One of the program that support such idea team building. A comfortable and fun work environment is important for choosing a workplace, especially for the millennial generation. The existing facilities at the office enable them to be more passionate and work more productively.

The presence of the millennial generation (Generation Y) in the work environment provides it’s own color so that this becomes a challenge for the company to provide space for the millennial generation to adapt and grow. Answering the challenge, AdIns as a software vendor multifinance company as who have diverse employees from different backgrounds, willing to facilitate and continue to develop the system in order to reach the millennial generation’s interest to contribute on AdIns. The event outing lasting will be the holiday refreshing and amazing experience for the team.

The main destination is camping ground at Ranca Upas. There are 90 total members participating in this event. The participants commit 2 days 1 night camping, along  with variant joyful competitions  such as cooking competitions, drama competitions, wolf vs sheep competition and many more. There was also a deer captivity, where we can feed them with vegetables that already provided. It was an amazing experience for all members and team. After participants finished the camping, they continue to one of the restaurant in Purwakarta, to have more quality time together. This event successfully create togetherness, kinship, and teamwork. It seems that the participating teams looked comfortable with each other and they seemed to not hesitate to joke.  The event closing covered with photo session together.

“such an amazing moment, next outing should be more joyful and fun!”

– Luziana Dewi, Production Support CONFINS