Celebrate Guntur Gozali’s Birthday

December 21th, 2018-In Grha Adicipta, all employees of PT. Adicipta Inovasi Teknologi celebrates the birthday of Mr. Guntur Gozali as President Director of PT. Adicipta Inovasi Teknologi. The entire staff and employees gathered together provide a simple surprise to Mr. Guntur with the celebration of the birthday cake and candles together with the wishes.

In the same occasion Mr. Guntur recounts the experiences of a young man a piece of himself to share simple message. Mr. Guntur told us that his career at the age of 20, he reminds all of the employees of the millennial generation to actively pursue the dream and organize their future properly so that it would become a reality and success is the end result.  Through this life, Mr. Guntur remind us of the abundance of blessings we receive, and we must share to others in order to bring more happiness for the surrounding environment. An impressive message from Mr. Guntur for the younger generation, Mr. Guntur himself does not regret his journey up to the age of 55 years because it bring him to this moment of happiness.

At this special occasion Mr. Guntur also remind all the staff and employees to maintain their health by diligently exercising. Simply by doing a light sports, like walking in the morning every day for an hour. Mr. Guntur also noted steps his feet in a week reached 300,000 thousand steps. Through this simple experience Mr. Guntur would like to invite the younger generation to think through every step and working on a small contribution we do, when collected will give a great impact for ourselves.

On the same day Mr. Guntur celebrated her birthday and share lunch for the entire staff and employees. Through a simple celebration like this. The entire staff and employees AdIns are expected to have a sense of solidarity, brotherhood, and a high tolerance in diversity, since it has a very inspiring leader figure. At the end of celebration , all AdIners say “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mr. Guntur. God bless you and always be a figure who inspires. “