Christmas Vibes by AdIns Mobile

December 14th, 2018-AdIns MOBILE Team held a Christmas dinner together. It seems that although it was still eleven days to celebrate Christmas, Christmas celebrations have been particularly fill the air of AdIns environment.

Participants who join in this event are about 25 people, all participants gathered at the Sunda Stalls at 19.00. The event took place lively and merry, not just dinner with the team, they also hosts AdIns Mobile exchange gifts. The participants also attended the sessions fun zone filled with jokes to fellow friends according to create a fun dinner.

The event closed with a photo session and prize unboxing. Festive events in a warm togetherness of AdIns Mobile team gives a taste of community Christmas celebrations. Although not all of the participants in this event are Christians, but the show is still running with full of joy in diversity. This indicates that the harmony immerge in the environment are part of the diversity of each individual.

Through the diversity that exists will not encourage the team to unite, work, and contribute to them on AdIns. Through the diversity of each individual, tolerance in diversity, and able to work together in teams with good performance. AdIns Mobile team hope for increasingly solid and better, and have a great contribution in developing AdIns.

They Expectations, this simple yet memorable small celebration can be a good example to always continue to improve for better impact and solidarity. every team and individuals can create a positive work environment and positive vibe that will give a a great impact to the environment outside.