Company Visit Experience (Excursion Study of Ubaya)

April 11, 2019-PT. Adicipta Inovasi Teknologi (AdIns) gets a visit from students of the Department of business information systems, University Surabaya (Ubaya). In this visit the student invited to drive around looking at the work environment IT companies and it is certainly becoming a new view for students see the work environment, AdIns itself has a variety of unique spot It is rarely found in other workplaces, such as including fish ponds filled with koi fish, as for some ornamental birds chirping in the morning gives an atmosphere produces a beautiful Office with green plants. As a technology company that provides software multifinance, AdIns realized the importance of a comfortable working environment to support the productivity of staff and employees so AdIns presents work environment with a natural setting and a home comfortable.

In this visit the student doing the touring in a number of working place and get acquainted with the staff and employees of a number of departments. The event is then filled with a warm welcome and knowledge sharing from Mr. Guntur Gozali as AdIns Director. The activities of this visit is expected to provide new experiences for students about information technology companies are there in Indonesia.

This visit became a moment for AdIns, whereas the vendor for software company multifinance, AdIns has the mission to the community so that such visits are expected to not only give you experience, but also the description of the cultural values, tolerance, unity, fraternity, and compassion. Every moment in every space and environment AdIns undertook to describe the harmony and the relationship of family ties.

AdIns itself is a very inclusive company with a variety of backgrounds and cultures that are different from the staff and the employees, but the staff and employees have a high sense of tolerance and mutual respect and respect for differences There are, so it created a harmonious working environment, family, and high tolerance. An inclusive work environment is also running a business that is not just profit but rather to dredge the environment and social life. Through a variety of programs which have been held by AdIns, AdIns hope benefit means for fellow and the surrounding environment.