Wuling Finance Indonesia Celebrated The Success of CONFINS And AdInsMobile Application Implementation by AdIns

On Thursday, June 13th, 2019 – PT Adicipta Inovasi Teknologi (AdIns) conducted Closing Ceremony with Wuling Finance Indonesia due to the success of the implementation of CONFINS.R2 project. This ceremony was held at SCENIC 180 Resto & Lounge, Jakarta.

The ceremony began with singing Indonesian national anthem. Followed by appreciation speeches from Mr. Frans Liwanuru as Director of AdIns, Mr. Nathan Sun as President Director of PT. SGMW Multifinance Indonesia, Mr. Henky Priyatna Arief as Operational Director of PT. SGMW Multifinance Indonesia, and Mr. Priyo Suryantoro as Project manager of AdIns. 

Both parties admitted to being grateful for all the hard work and effort that AdIns team and Wuling Finance Indonesia’s team have done for the CONFINS.R2 Implementation Project. This project closing ceremony was also expected to be a symbol for both parties to be able to work together again for a bigger project in the future.

 “Hopefully what has been done throughout this project is a good start. This is a closing project, not a closing production. We are confident that by using AdIns solution, Wuling will be more successful. Hopefully, our future cooperation will be better and more extraordinary. Thank you, I hope there is nothing unsatisfying in our project. Maybe it is not 100% smooth but it does not dampen our intention to fully support Wuling Finance,” said Mr. Frans Liwanuru. 

 WFI representative, Mr Nathan Sun as President Director gave an opening speech. In this opportunity, Mr Nathan Sun expressing gratitude for the maximum support that AdIns and his internal team gave to this project. The success of CONFINS and AdInsMobile implementation in three and a half months answered the doubt of the short processing time in the beginning of this project. This core system implementation is hoped to be a good foundation to support any corporate operational activities.

Other than that, Mr Nathan Sun is also hoping that Indonesia has a good business potential. From previous experience, every country have their own different market feedback for the same business.

Mr. Frans Liwanuru handed over an award in a fine placard to Mr. Nathan Sun. The placard was a symbol of successful cooperation between both parties and also stands as an appreciation for all the support and dedication of both companies.