Our Secret Santa Time in AdIns

December 21th, 2018-Four days before Christmas, several staff and employees from various AdIns departments celebrate Christmas with exchanging gifts. they held an event themed “Secret Santa”. Participants who join in this event around 16 people, composed of various department such as HRGA (Human Resource and General Affair), Product Development, R&D (Research and Development), Marketing & BD (Business Development), Information Technology, and QA ( Quality Assurance).

The event was held in the building Grha Adicipta in West Jakarta at lunch time together. In the implementation of the exchange gifts, several days before the event, all participants are required to draw a paper containing the names of other participants who will become the target recipient of their gift. Once they know who the recipient is, they have to figure out and prepare the best gift that corresponds to interest the recipient.

On the day of execution, participants came to the office and give the wrapped gifts to the gendarmerie command post to collect. Then all gifts will be taken to the designated part of the office and laid out neatly. The participants who gathered at that time are ready to follow the sessions together while joking with the photo. After the event photo session, they handed over to the gift recipient gift, without the sender who knowing what is inside the gift.

Participants continued the show with making insta- story, and simple vlog wrapping them on the activities of the unboxing. They also did not forget to thank the “Secret Santa” who has prepared the gift for them.  The event was later closed with lunch together with such a glee.