Product and Solution Roadmap Discussion AdIns- BRI Finance

April 15, 2019-PT. Adicipta Inovasi Teknologi held a workshop together with BRI Finance. The event was held at the Le Meridien Hotel in West Jakarta. The activities of the concept “Product and Solution Roadmap Discussion”. In this activity was opened with greetings from Mr. Kastoto from AdIns and also welcome from Mrs. Handayatni Ariefiana Harjanti from BRI Finance. The activities of this workshop were held to discuss a number of products and solutions from the software needs to discuss AdIns multi-finance.  In the face of the development of the industrial revolution that is increasing rapidly, continue to be developed and packaged software more user-friendly again to the user. For it is through these activities are expected to help its clients to optimise their multi-finance software.

This event was attended by a number of directors and staff from AdIns and BRI Finance. In this event, there are three speakers from AdIns, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Rolensa Mandeno, and Mr. Applaus Romanus. The speakers did a presentation and open discussion with the participants, to obtain information about the general technical description to help participants understand the work process and also product implementation so that the services provided will be more optimally. In this activity also are provided to facilitate product booth participants to access information about the expected software needs.

The success of the show is certainly not apart from contributions from BRI Finance, for it conveys AdIns thanks for the trust that has been given in the form of support to events organised AdIns. In addition to this activity is part of a commitment to their business partners AdIns to always pay attention to their needs and realise in a product or service. Through this event, we expect to bridge hope between BRI Finance and AdIns as a vendor for software company multi-finance. For the future implementation of this event will continue to be enhanced and organised thoroughly to its business partners or prospective consumers AdIns, to build a more intimate relationship. At the end of the event delivery souvenirs by Mr. Frans Liwanuru as a representative of the Board of Directors AdIns to Mrs. Handayatni Ariefiana Harjanti as a representative of the Board of directors of BRI Finance, then do take pictures together with all participants of the event.