Tea Talk in Advance Innovations

March 1st, 2019- Afternoon, staff and employees of PT. Adicipta Inovasi Teknologi gathered around a garden building Grha Adicipta for the event “Tea Talk”. This event is being with enjoying of tea and snacks. While enjoying a cup of tea, its staff and employees did the conversation each other. The event then continued with the game board indoors. Various games board game played by the staff and employees between departments. This event took place with great fanfare by staff and employees, they are very enthusiastic and warm welcome their colleagues of different departments.

As software the vendor for multifinance, AdIns provide comfort for the staff and their employees in the workplace. In addition to the physical picture is manifested in the work environment concept homestay, attention is also manifested in support for internal events that take place in the workplace. AdIns has a vision to “To encourage and leverage employees to grow” so one of the things it does is bring a family atmosphere in the work environment.

A family atmosphere created in AdIns, became important things that should be preserved and enhanced. This will encourage the creation of a harmonious work environment due to staff and employees can work well with their coworkers of different departments. This will support the productivity of the work so that it will bring the ideas and innovations that are useful for the development of the company.
AdIns realized the importance of the contribution of staff and employees who become part of the assets of the company so it is important to develop and empower our staff and employees so that the more productive, professional, and can contribute both in providing solutions for multifinance, and beneficial effect to the society.