Facing the ever growing complexity of multifinance business there has never been a better help than CONFINS. Developed to meet the needs of financing companies, CONFINS offers a state-of-the-art, web-based core application system that provide a more efficient foundation for business operations by minimizing manual activities, increasing productivity, ensuring data consistency, automating the creation of legal documents, generating comprehensive dashboards & reports, and providing smart queries and secure processing.

 Making it easier for customers to pay their bills wherever they are has never been easier using ADI-Pay. By providing distributed payment points that are well spread out throughout the region, ADI-Pay helps companies with large customer bases to expand their payment point services. Our solution includes a customer self-service portal system, a differentiating feature that provides easy access for the customers to conveniently check their account and billing information.

With the versatility of mobile devices these days, working on the go has gradually turned into a necessity. AdIns-Mobile solutions offer a wide range of mobile enterprise applications which take advantage of important features of mobile devices including mobile data service, photo cameras, and geotagging (using GPS feature) and fully compatible with various mobile operating systems such as Android, iOS, Windows, and Blackberry.

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 AdIns Center of Excellence specialize in providing HR services related to the Information Technology (IT) field. Backed by AdIns’ extensive experience in the IT industry, we truly understand the specific nature in recruiting, developing, and managing IT people.

 Finding a document can be time consuming for companies that rely on paper-based documentation. As business grows, solving the issue can prove to be a daunting task. AdIns Document Solution allows easier and more secure document and content management. It is primarily designed to help companies meet their objectives effectively and efficiently.

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