Ruang Inovasi: “Holistic IT Management.”​

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An End-To-End Core System Solution That Was Built To Meet Your Business Needs

We ensure your business will still be competitive in this digitalised era, by creating a digitasation system that is integrated in our core system.

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CONFINS.R3 is ready to support your digitalisation strategy to reduce hidden costs, accelerate approval process, creating a paperless environment, and reducing human error.

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Aim For The Best, Prepare For The Worst

Implement further risk management on your company digital transformation.


Digitalise The Way To Fill In Your Application Form

There will be no longer need for your customer to manually input their data, our artificial intelligence will automatically fill in the necessary field instantly

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Take Control of Your Business To face The Market Fluctuation With Business Process Outsourcing

Just keep focus on your main business, let us help you to manage a part of your business operation.



With Us, You Are More Than Just A Programmer. We Are One Big Family Working Solving Corporate Problem.