With Us You Are More Than Just A Programmer. We Are One Big Family Working Hand In Hand To Solve Corporate Problem.

Kerja di AdIns itu menyenangkan bagi yang suka mengembangkan diri, mau aktif baik dalam bertugas maupun ikut kegiatan kantor.

Agnes Meliana

Bekerja di AdIns itu Feels Like Home banget. Kalau dirangkum jadi sebuah kalimat pendek maka "AdIns is my Second Home"

Candra Winardi

AdIns is a place for innovative minds, upholding integrity, commitment, respect and team work in their job. A Place for people who believe that the desire for knowledge and willingness to learn - especially in the IT field, will encourage them to grow and become professionals.

Suatu tempat yg sangat nyaman untuk menambah ilmu pengetahuan, yang selalu tersedia berbagai fasilitas untuk menunjangnya seperti seminar, training dan lain-lain.

R. Alvado Gaddinielld

Lingkungannya ramah, friendly untuk fresh graduate, walau pengalaman minim di sini benar-benar diajarin dari dasar banget, jadi serasa balik kuliah lagi

Yoanessa Anandri

Fasilitas dari kantor yang menurut saya sudah di atas rata-rata perusahaan lain.

Kharis Hidayatullah


DNA #1

Focus on Customer

Understand our customer needs and requests (internal & external). Focus on what they consider very important.

Change is something we are hoping for. A proper planning is important, but ensuring our customer's competitiveness is far more important.

Modesty, speed, and result is number one priority. It is better to be consistent and producing something flawed rather than a late perfection.

DNA #2

Change and Learn

Learn and doing something new today. New challenge, new working method, and new role. Process and procedure is good, but being flexible and relevant is better.

Failing is normal; as long as we learn something and trying to be better next time.

Dream as high as you can but start it step-by-step from the small things. Take a calculated risk.

DNA #3

One AdIns

Don't do something that others can do better. Give trust to those who is in front and support them to success.

There is no secret in here. Transparency and supporting team work between various title and working function is something that will be appreciated.

Together we make decisions through a healthy argument. AdIns leader is a leader who protect and serve. The higher our rank, the less we talk.

Feels Like Home

We do not care who you are, where you come from, or the colour of your skin. You are one of us and we are a part of you. AdIns is home to young innovative professionals, because we know that modern problems needs modern solutions. Having fun while working will make an enjoyable, conducive, and comfortable working place and it is one of the privileges that we offer to our employees.

Learning Experience

If you are looking for a job, AdIns is not the right place for you, if you have huge thirst of knowledge, AdIns is the perfect place to keep on learning and developing yourself. Learning is the journey of a lifetime, that's why AdIners aren't just encouraged but also sponsored to take a bunch of certification for free.

Same Frequency

We understand that not everyone can get along with each other and we all have a fear of being judged. You can be yourself without any hesitation because we communicate in the same frequency. We provide you the comfort of a family-like working environment.

Facility and Reward

Greater power comes with greater responsibilities, no pain no gain, Yin and Yang, everything come in pairs and have to be balance. AdIns will acknowledge every skill and potential that you have, so do not be afraid and feel free to do more than what they expect. We really appreciate our loyal and dedicated employees by providing further studies, certification, vacation trip, etc.

Our Activities