How to Increase Your Consumers’ Loyalty Effectively

How to Increase Your Consumers’ Loyalty Effectively

Based on recent facts, loyal customers spend about 67% of their money on a company compared to newer customers. Loyal customers are key in a continuously flowing profit. Therefore, it is essential for your company to find out why people keep on coming to buy your products. However, what can we do to increase the customers’ commitment to ensure their loyalty to your company? 

About 57% of small business enterprises claimed that the way they treat their customers would decide their customers’ loyalty in the end. A healthy relationship between both sides will inspire the customers to buy products from that company continuously in the future.

To make it happen, look at five ways to increase the customers’ loyalty below!

Prioritize Customers

According to the 2015 Consumers’ Experience Aspect Survey, 76% of consumers believe that good service is the reflection of how much the company appreciates its customers. Every customer will assess his or her experience with your staffs, from when taking a line, earning change, complaining about the products to asking questions directly or in social media.  

To satisfy the customers, you need to have a well-designed customer service. Your staffs have to be friendly and be able to solve problems in no time. Research results show that customers wish for a speedy response both in real life and in social media.

Reward Your Customers 

One of the ways you can do to invite the customers back is by giving them reward for their loyalty. Create a loyalty program where they can earn discounts, gifts and interesting offers for transactions that they have made with your company. 

Listen to Their Criticisms and Suggestions

Most businesspersons do not think highly of inputs and complaints from their clients. However, their criticisms and suggestions are worth every penny. Every businesspersons has to dedicate some extra time and power to provide feedback to every single input from the customers. When the customers complained about the overly long line, fix that problem immediately. Notify them too if the problem is finished. 

Provide Them with Comfort

Make everything easier for the sake of your customers. By making things done easier, the customers will immediately come to your company again. For example, provide the customers with multiple methods of payment from cash payment to auto-billing service 

Applebee, an American-based restaurant franchise, is notable for making things easier for their customers by installing a payment device in their dining tables. Instead of making a line to make a payment after the meal, the customers now can immediately pay their bills in their tables without a fuss.

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Do Not Simply Ask for Profit

Logically, money is an essential material that keeps your business running. However, do not let your profit-seeking motive override your obligation to form a healthy relationship with the customers. That way, you cannot earn their trust and loyalty.

Try to consider holding a customers’ appreciation event as a sign of your gratitude. Send them useful article links for their benefit and present them with various social activities as a support for the society. The point of this appreciation event is to connect with your customers routinely, without forcing them to spend additional expenses for your products.

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05 October 2020