How To Do A Good And Correct Credit Survey?

How To Do A Good And Correct Credit Survey?

How To Do A Good And Correct Credit Survey? What comes to your mind when you hear the terms banking or credit? Money, of course. Talking about credit, of course, is the goal of the banking itself, where the target of lending is third parties or the public or debtors. Even though the community is the main target, not all credit applications have been approved by the banking sector. 

There are many factors that need to be considered, so a survey is needed to collect data on prospective debtors whether or not they are eligible to receive credit. There are two types of surveys that are commonly carried out, namely by telephone and directly visiting the debtor’s residence, or place of business.

Here are several ways to do a good and correct credit survey, including: 

  1. Survey objectives

The first step to take is to determine the objectives of the survey yourself. Among them is collecting the necessary information based on the 5C principles, so that prospective customers can be analyzed properly so that the banking sector can make good decisions. In addition, this survey also aims to re-confirm the initial information provided by prospective customers, whether it is in accordance with the actual conditions or not.

That way the surveyor in charge of conducting the survey must visit the residence or place of business of the prospective customer, and conduct interviews with both the prospective customer and neighbors of the prospective customer. In addition, the purpose of the survey is also to determine the amount of ceiling that can be disbursed to customers.

In this case, the surveyor will usually explain the amount of the loan and the bill fees that must be paid later. Then the surveyor will ask which ceiling if the customer is able to pay it. Do not choose a large bill that is high, but in the middle of the road, you actually strike. This of course will make it difficult for the surveyors to do their work later.

  1. Surveyor’s functions and responsibilities

You could say that the surveyor is the spearhead of the collection of information on prospective customers which aims to help the analysis party make good decisions.

Therefore, apart from collecting data, the surveyor also has the responsibility of verifying and checking the accuracy of the information data obtained from the customer, is responsible for the process of completing pending memos, and is responsible for or the quality of the survey results (the accuracy of the data and information presented). Now there is also a surveyor application that makes it easier.

  1. Interview

This is the most important part of the survey. The interview is verbal interaction between two or more people to achieve certain goals. Usually, interviews are conducted by surveyors by digging up information about the creditworthiness of a prospective customer application.

  1. General field survey parameters

Things that must be considered when conducting a survey are environmental conditions and the customer’s residence. Has he lived there for a long time, ownership status, number of residents, condition of the house, and the environment. In addition, pay attention to the place of business.

Verification is also about the length of the business, monthly turnover, the status of the customer’s position at the workplace, the number of employees, and so on. Both are very important to do to obtain the information needed, such as the correct location of the residence, the level of welfare of the prospective customer, the cost of living or household burdens, and so on.

  1. Qualifications of a surveyor

To be a good surveyor requires loyalty, honesty, and integration. Where always prioritizes company needs rather than personal needs, is honest in collecting data and information from customers, and acts independently so that the survey results are not influenced by other parties.

Not only that, but surveyors must also have tenacity and observation skills, have good communication skills to maintain good relationships between customers and the bank. Because after all the image of a company or bank also depends on how the surveyor communicates with his customers. In addition, surveyors also need to understand the work area well, so that when working or surveying can save time because they already know and know the location where the customer is located.

Those are some explanations for how to do a good and correct credit survey. Be a wise surveyor in collecting customer data so that later analysts will make the best decisions. With a fast and hassle-free credit process, it is a satisfaction for its customers. 

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04 March 2021