Ketahui Lebih Banyak tentang Teknologi Cloud

Ketahui Lebih Banyak tentang Teknologi Cloud

The term cloud technology is commonly heard and seen in several articles within the topic of technology or internet. Even if you have not, at least you might have used mobile apps which implement this technology. Several cloud technologies are mostly implemented on storage devices. It can be found easily on your smartphone system.

Not only for a storage purpose by providing a bigger space, this cloud technology has been implemented on other uses. More information about cloud technology can be seen on the short review below.

Cloud technology

This time we will discuss cloud. This cloud technology basically refers to processes of managing computation tasks through a network system. This computation tasks refer to computing based devices such as CPU, RAM, software, OS, network speeds, and storage. 

Meanwhile, the network system refers to the internet connection. Simply, data transfers which usually take place physically with the older technology, now take place in the cloud through the could transfer technology which enables user to access the data everywhere through any device.

Main use of the cloud technology

From the explanation about the definition of cloud technology below, it is almost confirmed that there are main uses of these technology: flexibility, accessibility, and lower cost. Flexibility because it does not require too many supporting devices to build a cloud system, and the availability of data which can be felt as a cloud that follows one’s head wherever they go.

 Then, the accessibility function enables the users to access software, systems, and folder wherever they are through any devices. It does not have to be a computer or laptop, but with devices like tables and smartphones would be sufficient. Cloud technology even allows you to access data saved without an internet connection. Not to forget the most important point, that the cost will be much lower.

How cloud technology works

The simplest analogy to explain how cloud technology works is as if you are browsing the internet. If you need a certain data or information you only have to look it up through a search engine. Abundant information and data don’t have to be stored physically in computer folders, so there is no need to use the limited storage. 

The cloud technology works in such a way as long as the network system has been built. Through the software interface of the applied cloud computing system, then document files, archives, photos, data, and other information can be accessed in one particular network everywhere and anytime. Furthermore, it does not consume too much space in the storage. Not surprisingly that many big companies have adopted this technology to support their operational.

Differences with physical networks

Network refers to a group of computers that are connected one with another and share their resources, whether it is a printer, a photocopier, a modem, or data. A group of computers are connected through one communication transmission. With this system, it will be easier to perform data and information transfers.

Cloud based network is a combination of a computer technology development and internet connection. Therefore, the most fundamental difference between a cloud-based network technology and physical network lies in the internet connection which dominates cloud technology. The internet connection in this cloud technology allows data and information in the cloud without using too much space. 

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28 Mei 2020