Bagaimana Cara Kerja Pelacak Ponsel

Bagaimana Cara Kerja Pelacak Ponsel

The progress of mobile phone technology in the past two decades has created several new concerns when compared to the previous generation. As mobile phones are increasingly easier and more portable to use, the features within these mobile phones are getting more advanced as well. Ranging from global positioning system (GPS) service to communication services, mobile phones are closely intertwined with real-time internet system more than ever before. Thus, this development also improves mobile phone tracking, since this feature is also gaining more importance over the years.

This development is more apparent than ever when compared to earlier mobile phone models. In recent times, mobile phone applications that request permission from the users to access GPS service during first-time usage is a common occurrence. Many of these mobile app require real-time time and location information from the users to maximize output of using these apps. This occurrence is to be expected since many of these apps rely on internet network to run properly. Earlier mobile phone models did not require as much internet service, and with the development of later operating system (OS) in later models, internet network is increasingly indispensable.

The real-time nature of mobile phone apps in the 2010s greatly contributed to the development of mobile device phone process. Google Search, for example, relies on the user’s current location to provide best results in each query process. In the same manner, Twitter also relies on this information as well to provide information regarding the latest trends of tweet in that exact same time. As a result, users who do not regularly update their time and location information will less likely to receive the latest results.

With this particular direction of technology progression, the role of real-time location tracking system has become more sophisticated. Several terms such as geotagging and geolocation has become popular in this regard for over the past two decades. To put it simply, these two terms define two example of process behind the process on how mobile phone tracker works. These two processes also work in other mobile devices that require GPS as well.

Geotagging, or GeoTagging, is a process of adding geographical information metadata to various media from websites to QR codes. These media outlets rely on geospatial information to determine the original location of the media’s host and services. This process also helps users to perform mobile device tracking in scenarios from travelling to different locations to missing mobile phones. iPhone is one of the most famous mobile device that uses mobile device tracking system to determine its location.

In a similar vein, geolocation is an identification process of real-world geographic location of an object, such as a mobile phone signal source and radar signal source. By using geographic coordinates, this process can enhance other systems to determine the geographical location of their queries. Setting up the geotagging destination in Twitter to United Kingdom, for example, will help users to see the latest trending tweets in the UK at that given time. 

Photographers can also use geotagging to tag the location of their photos. Modern mobile phones that use Android OS have the feature to include the geographic coordinates to its camera’s images metadata. Along with Google Photo, these camera images can be stored automatically while in internet network’s reach. This way, users can contribute images to the location’s query results in search engines, which improves the results of the overall search process.

Benefits of using mobile phone tracking system come in many forms. From detecting location of lost mobile phones to ensuring family’s safety, mobile device trackers offer several benefits for the users’ well-being. For family members who are travelling abroad or to places distant from other family members, turning on GPS may help to ensure safety during these travels. Family members at home can steadily track their relatives’ progress in their travel so that there will be no loss of contact that can result in unwanted scenarios.

Whether being stationary or on the move, the location of a mobile phone can be readily searched through mobile phone trackers. While it is not without its downsides, setting up GPS service in mobile phones will help the users to track their current location and time zone. This is particularly vital since modern Android OS apps will not function properly without the mobile tracking service. These apps can nominally work without the mobile tracking, but the performance of these apps will be significantly downplayed without turning on the mobile tracking.

Mobile device tracking also helps in cases of missing mobile phones. Several iPhone models from Apple possess a feature of device tracker that can be opened in other platforms such as personal computers (PC) and other mobile devices. When one of the iPhone device unexpectedly gone missing, as long as it is still connected to the internet, its user can track its last location. By using iCloud service, users who lost their iPhone devices can temporarily lock them by using passwords to prevent any misuse by irresponsible parties. This service also extends to other mobile devices from Apple such as iPad and iPod.

Android users can also rely on several apps and websites to track missing Android phones in cases of emergency. Different from Apple’s iCloud service, Android users need to register in these device-tracking apps manually since there is no singular platform of device trackers in Android phones. It is usually up to the preference of the users to use their favored device trackers since these trackers offer different benefits in each services. However, most noticeably, all of these services will always depend on the GPS setting in the missing phones so that these trackers will have an easier time in tracking these devices.

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30 Juni 2020