AdIns at CEBIT 2021 in Thailand

AdIns at CEBIT 2021 in Thailand

PT Adicipta Inovasi Teknologi (AdIns) is opening a new path for financing industry at DigiTech ASEAN CEBIT 2021 in Thailand. By enabling their true technological potential, AdIns is hoping to be a trigger of digital transformation in the industry. In this opportunity, AdIns will attend the exhibition not only be one of the speakers, but also we are opening a virtual booth for visitor to visit and learn more on “How To Be AdIns Partner”.

This year, Thailand is hosting DigiTech ASEAN CEBIT with participants from renowned IT company all over the globe such as SAP, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and many more for 3 days. AdIns is proud to be a part of the largest and most internationally represented Information Technology expo in the world.

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Facing the challenge to cope with the current ambiguous era filled with numerous turbulences or VUCA due to global pandemic. Building a fully digitalised company is no longer the future, the time is now. Learn how to be the trigger of Financial Industry’s digital transformation before it’s too late. To answer all of those questions, Mr John Son and Mr Frans Liwanuru is presenting “The Market Potential on Diversified Indonesian Economic & Financial Industry” on this up coming CEBIT.

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You can also find us on the platinum membership booth and together, let us make a success story by becoming AdIns partner. Come and visit us at CEBIT Thailand on 24 – 26 November 2021 by registering your company here.

As the market leader of Financial Software Provider and the only Indonesian company that will attend DigiTech ASEAN CEBIT this time, AdIns is representing Indonesian IT Industry at the biggest IT convention in the world. AdIns is hoping to assist Southeast Asian financial industry as a trigger of company digital transformation, and lead them to a digital realisation just like our company Vision “We are blessed to be a blessing to the society through the use of information & communication technology”

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22 November 2021