AdIner Goes to Korea- Japan

March 12th, 2019, Participation in Samsung Developer Challenge bring the AdIner to visit Korea- Japan. The competition was held from July 19th 2018 until  December 12th 2018, it went smoothly and the MOBILE AdIns team is winning the competition  as the champion of the 2nd. In this occasion, David is one of AdIner that represents AdIns to visiting Korea- Japan.

Korea-Japan trip organized by PT Samsung Electronic Indonesia to the winner of the Samsung Developer Challenge lasted six days, four nights. The event was held on March 11th, 2019 until March 16th, 2019. On this trip the participants not only get a chance to visit a number of place in Korea and Japan, but also visited Samsung’s Headquarter Office in Suwon Korea. In addition to travel visits, participants were also introduced to the cultures of Korea and Japan. This is apparent from the activity of their visit. Their visit in the city tour of Seoul deliver them try Hanbok Wearing Experience. In addition when in Japan, Asakusa Kannon Temple they visited and Asakusa’s Nakamise Street, where they can enjoy Kimono Wearing Experience.

Surely this opportunity developers who won the competition not only enjoy a trip visits outside the country, but also to gain new experiences and can learn new things outside, although it is only done in a short time. The sustainability of this event is also supported by either AdIns to AdIner representing AdIns. This is part of the commitment contained in mission AdIns companies “To leverage and encourage employees to grow”, AdIns provide support to all staff and employees to continue to evolve and provide a positive contribution to the company.

In that occasion also the staff and employees in constantly innovating and working with productive and give presents a solution for multifinance and advancing AdIns as company vendors for multifinance solution. AdIns believes that through the staff and their employees productive, then the company will find a new innovation that is beneficial to the community as well as the environment.