One Day Knowladge of CONFINS System with Clipan Finance

Saturday, 23rd March 2019 – Knowledge sharing has always been an important part of the work. PT. Adicipta Inovasi Teknologi held an event “One Day Knowledge of CONFINS System” in Clipan Finance. In practice, the company relies heavily on employees as full-time and documentation are required by law to help people do their jobs. However, as the Organization continues to go global and the role becomes more and more complex, approach to sharing become things to be cultivated again.

One Day event Knowledge of CONFINS System attended by more than 30 participants, which took place at the Grand Tjokro Hotel. As for the teacher who contributed to the show are Resnu Dwihanu and David Indraguna. The purpose of doing this show to give a more intense approach to participants about CONFINS System, because in addition to the capabilities and technological aid in one’s working environment also requires appropriate knowledge to help participants work well in the field.

During this event, as well as being part of the real working AdIns as software vendors for multi-finance, AdIns are committed to paying attention to their customers by providing excellent service. Awareness of the importance of AdIns customers for business continuity, not only vending software for multi-finance, however by the presence of communication and a positive customer response will open the door to other cooperation for both Parties in the future due to a sense of trust through cooperation in advance.

For it with all our gratitude, AdIns convey a thank you for Clipan Finance, where the accept One Day Knowledge of CONFINS System team with great enthusiasm, to participate in this activity. The success of this event be a pride for both parties and may share information beneficial to the participants. Expectations of the future relationship between AdIns and Clipan Finance increasingly solid and be a blessing for the surrounding environment.