Scrum Certification Training on AdIns

March 13th, 2019, a number of employees of PT. Adicipta Inovasi Teknologi follow scrum certification training in Grha Adicipta. The event was followed by 25 to 30 employees and lasted for two days, on 11th and 12th March 2019. This training was tutored by coaches from Scrum Indonesia. This event aims to provide training to the employees AdIns to increase levels of Agility in the enterprise. Agility associated with company-wide capability for responsiveness to new information on the market and capitalization as the competitive advantage of the company. Discuss on agility in a continuous learning process in which everyone in the company in humility to learn in order to be responsive to market an increasingly necessary changes quickly, so that it can survive in the necessary changes businesses that may be encountered.

In training provided some of the material is done in the session description, a discussion with a group formed for the discussion which is packed with ease. Scrum Certification training goes well and smoothly because the employees are very enthusiastic in following the training is facilitated by AdIns.

Appropriate AdIns vision “To encourage and leverage employees to grow”, AdIns want to encourage employees to continue to grow and develop in AdIns. Through this training, the employees are expected to have a broad insight to continue to evolve and innovate. As a software vendor for multifinance,  AdIns hope through the performance of the company will be getting better through the contributions of its employees.

AdIns realized the importance of the contribution of staff and employees who become part of the company’s assets so it is very important to develop and empower our staff and employees so that more productive, professional, and can provide good contributions in providing solutions for multifinance and give a positive impact to the environment and society.