Valentine Celebration in AdIns

On February 14, 2019 – AdIns (Advance Innovations), the entire staff and employees Celebrate Valentines day at Grha Adicipta with help fromĀ  “Cupid ” as the mascot of Valentine. Cupid is in itself a mascot adopted from the description of the Roman God of love. Another term for this is Gods Amor. As Amor, he was described as a little boy naughty winged, as well as carrying a bow and arrows, which can make humans or Gods to fall in love. For the events that occur.

In a celebration that lasts, Cupid was played by one of the employees male fairy costume with wings, carrying a basket of candy to distribute to the Board of Directors, employee or any other employee who is working that day. The presence of Cupid welcomed the lively employees. Employees claimed to have no idea there is that valentine is in progress to celebrate Valentine’s day.

Some of those who are interested in taking a picture with Cupid, documents and video stories on their social media personal accounts. Employees also welcomed the lively event and exchanging affectionate greetings to their peers. Through this simple celebrations expected familiarizing employees and give an example of a manifest, that celebration of affection need to be embedded in the work environment and each individual to their partner.

With the good relations that were made in the working environment between each employee against colleagues is expected to present a solid environment, conducive and productive. Harmonious interactions that encourage positive action, so in this cooperation will be easier to work together and hope can be achieved to maximize the process of working in a team of multifinance solution and achieve the target of a better job in the future.

As a software vendor for multifinance, AdIns has been the commitment of their employees to pay attention to workplace because AdIns realized that staff and employees is a valuable asset of the company, which through their performance and helping them within the company, the company can continue to grow, working, innovating and contributing positively to the environment.