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“Ngopi” or “Ngobrol Bareng Pelaku Industri” is one of the events organized by AdIns to maintain good relationships with their clients. This event replaces in-person meetings, which have been postponed due to the pandemic, by shifting to an online format following health protocols.

In the latest “Ngopi,” AdIns hosted Mr. Anthony Y. Panggabean, the Director of Operations at WOM Finance, as a guest speaker. The event served as a platform for WOM Finance to share their experiences and strengthen their branding.

WOM Finance during the Pandemic

Despite having to close 40 branches, WOM Finance managed to maintain its stock growth during the pandemic and even reopened 15 branches in October, mainly for cash transactions. The key question is whether WOM Finance is seeking a balance between conventional and digital approaches in its business strategy.

According to Mr. Anthony, amid the pandemic, sustaining sales growth is possible if customers fulfill their guarantees. Currently, WOM Finance has shifted its focus to collections and specific business aspects. The pandemic emphasized the significance of information technology in traditional business.

In the field of collections, IT solutions have proven to be successful and effective. Various challenges emerged during the pandemic, especially in the field. WOM Finance aimed to assist customers with manageable payments. Economic profiling has become a vital element in their sales strategy, with an emphasis on customer quality. New customer profiling is now available through CBS SLIK.

WOM Finance has collaborated with e-commerce platforms like Tokopedia and Shopee to enhance their business model. Remote work trends have influenced their operations. Through technology and data like SLIK, efficient customer profiling can be conducted. In pursuit of technology-based centralization, branches are allocated according to varying business growth. Collaboration with e-commerce platforms ensures easy customer access, reflecting WOM Finance’s efforts to adapt to innovation and changes in the business landscape.

Digital Transformation by WOM Finance

WOM Finance is profoundly committed to digital infrastructure upgrades. They aim to improve overall digitalization and have introduced the KAWAN app, making transactions more accessible for dealers without the need for physical office visits. This is especially relevant given the prolonged pandemic conditions, necessitating effective operations.

To acquire customers effectively, WOM Finance must introduce competitive innovations, particularly in digital marketing. With trends indicating that the younger generations such as Gen Z and Millennials will be future consumers, WOM must ensure their business processes are digitized to meet the preferences of these future customers, who favor practical solutions. With supportive technology, WOM can tap into a more extensive market segment.

In facing a technology-oriented future, WOM plans to launch a credit-based gold product, primarily targeting mothers interested in investment. With this strategy, WOM Finance aims to meet the diverse needs of consumers and ensure long-term success in the financial industry.

Adapting Work Methods at WOM Finance

While working from home (WFH) has gained prominence, the concept of working from anywhere (WFA) must also be considered. Questions arise about teams that need to be on the field, such as surveyors and collectors. Will they utilize systems and secondary data? What is the best approach to address the challenges faced by field agents?

As per the responses provided, the current primary focus is on data processing, which WOM Finance prioritizes. They continue to pay attention to field staff. With the KAWAN app’s launch, the sales team is expected to be more effective in offering products. Although optimization in collections is ongoing, data cross-checking remains a challenge.

The KAWAN app will be a solution enabling WOM Finance to connect with customers more rapidly. However, survey aspects are still under consideration, and collections remain a necessity that cannot be replaced by other systems. In adapting to technological changes and an increasingly complex work environment, WOM Finance strives to ensure their operations remain efficient and customer-focused.

Decision-Making for Progress Amid the Pandemic

AdIns currently follows a “Waterfall” work method. However, due to the demands of the pandemic, they are also transitioning towards the Agile concept. The Waterfall process involves step-by-step development, focusing on “define-built-release.” In contrast, the Agile method involves creating a vehicle first and continually improving it to reach its best form, drawing a comparison between a skateboard and a car.

The pandemic has pushed organizations to innovate, even in their development processes. WOM, for example, implemented a centralization process during the pandemic to adapt more swiftly to market changes. The challenges faced by WOM extend beyond competition and involve understanding the intricacies of the market. Thus, profiling becomes a crucial element in ensuring sustainable business growth.

The current situation demands readiness for adaptation and innovation, especially in a constantly evolving industry. AdIns and WOM share a strategy to ensure the continuity of their businesses amid the ever-changing dynamics.

Future Planning by WOM Finance

In the business world, product development and strategic decisions require careful consideration and time. Like many other companies, WOM Finance must decide whether to start from scratch with new products or opt for collaboration. According to Mr. Anthony, being an initiator doesn’t always mean being superior. For instance, BCA has pioneered new technology, highlighting the importance of innovation. On the other hand, some choose to follow trends and may not require in-depth research. Just as with BCA and Mandiri, sometimes being a smart follower can be an effective strategy. These decisions must be made judiciously to ensure the future success of WOM Finance.

Impressions and Messages from WOM Finance

Regarding the impressions and messages conveyed by Mr. Anthony to financial institutions (MF), he emphasizes that financing companies have advantages in being more inclusive and sharing knowledge. They tend to be more open in sharing experiences and learning from each other. This positive attitude allows for collaboration and easier information exchange among companies in the financial industry. Conversely, banks may have an exclusive image that can affect their interactions with fellow industry peers. The spirit of collaboration and mutual assistance, as represented by APPI (Association of Indonesian Financing Companies), is also a crucial factor in strengthening relationships in the financial industry.


WOM Finance successfully maintained stock growth during the pandemic, despite having to close some branches. Their current focus is on finding a balance between conventional and digital approaches. During the pandemic, the role of information technology has become increasingly important, especially in the field of collections. WOM Finance aims to help customers with manageable payments and focuses on customer economic profiling. They plan to launch a gold product and target younger generations. Adjustments in work methods include data processing and the launch of the KAWAN app to enhance sales efficiency. While field surveys remain challenging, the KAWAN app is expected to provide assistance. WOM Finance is committed to significant digital infrastructure upgrades, and strategic considerations include whether to start new products from scratch or collaborate. These decisions will impact WOM Finance’s future business success.

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