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AdIns, with 20 years of experience as a pioneer of technology and digitalization in Indonesia’s financing sector, is committed to making a positive contribution to the development of the financing industry in Indonesia, serving clients, internal stakeholders, and the wider community. One of their initiatives is the “Ngopi” event, titled “Conversations with Industry Players,” which explores the experiences of financing companies during the pandemic.

In the latest edition, AdIns invited two speakers from BRI Finance, Ms. Azizatun Azhimah and Mr. Ari Prayuwana, to discuss the changes and how they are addressing them. BRI Finance shared insights into how they are managing the impact of the pandemic and adapting to the changes in the financing industry.

BRI Finance overcomes VUCA problems during the Pandemic

Amid the challenges posed by the pandemic, the concept of VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous) has become a prominent issue affecting Multifinance companies. According to Ms. Azizah, she likens this situation to turbulence in an airplane, characterized by instability and vulnerability. Change has become inevitable, particularly with the rapid growth of the internet.

VUCA refers to the instability, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity within the business environment. Companies must adapt, as seen during the early stages of the pandemic, where many Multifinance companies experienced a shrinking market. They must adjust to survive.

Efforts to address VUCA involve strategies such as working from home (WFH) and working from the office (WFO). However, according to Ms. Aziza, the pandemic has created opportunities, with customers now directed through BRIF before reaching BRI’s parent company. Collaboration with AdIns has enabled the use of advanced technology in the form of applications, reducing physical contact while meeting customer needs. While VUCA may be unavoidable, if managed wisely, it can become an opportunity for growth and innovation in the Multifinance sector.

Changes at BRI Finance

For BRIF, to navigate the ever-changing business dynamics, management has embraced digital transformation as the key to addressing uncertainty. This transformation encompasses not only digital advancements but also changes in business processes and human resources within the company.

My BRIF represents one facet of digital transformation at BRIF, introduced in 2020 as a way to simplify customer transactions. The primary objectives of creating the My BRIF application are to strengthen risk management and streamline the collection process, facilitating sustainable growth.

Though My BRIF is still in its early stages, BRIF recognizes the importance of continuous adaptation to evolving technology. They have formed a close partnership with AdIns to prepare for and implement digital transformation across their entire organization. Digital footprints of consumers have become a reality, and BRIF is focusing on automation and tracking.

In the context of collections, they understand the significance of not just handling a high volume of transactions but also concentrating on high-risk accounts. This approach involves assigning collectors to these high-risk accounts, enabling more effective risk management.

BRIF is determined to succeed in managing My BRIF, particularly in the realm of collections, leveraging technology and meticulous risk management.

Customer is the King

As a leader within the company, Ms. Azizah firmly agrees that “Customer is the king,” emphasizing the importance of shifting business orientation from what customers might need to what they truly require. Customers, once passive, now play a pivotal role, much like netizens who wield significant influence through reviews and feedback. They demand excellent and responsive services, which are key to winning their hearts.

Mr. Ari adds that there are two primary functions of IT: direct product development and market surveys. BRIF, established in 2020, has conducted small-scale surveys to understand customer needs. They are committed to confronting change boldly, recognizing that established norms may not remain fixed. As expressed by Mr. Johnson, an associate director at AdIns, “believing that the success of customers equates to our success.” In a continually evolving business landscape, a customer-centric approach is the key to long-term success.

Future Plans by BRI Finance

BRIF’s future plans are clear: they aim to build a strong foundation and strengthen their fundamentals. This includes developing relationship managers capable of addressing various challenges and unifying BRI’s customers across Indonesia.

BRIF is committed to embracing change and growth in response to the ongoing shifts in the business environment. Furthermore, they aspire to become a champion within the industry, particularly in meeting customer financing needs.

They ambitiously strive to be a significant part of the BRI Group, serving as a primary medium for customer service across the group. Ms. Aziza underscores BRIF’s commitment to championing financial inclusion through financing.

BRIF also recognizes the importance of micro-level aspects in their transformation process. They encourage activities such as knowledge sharing to ensure that every team member understands their vision and contributes wholeheartedly. These interactions and activities aim to foster solidarity and collaboration within the team, ultimately helping BRIF achieve its goals as a major player in the financial industry.


Amid the challenges of the pandemic, multifinance companies face the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous) challenges, pushing them to adapt swiftly. Management must adjust to sustain growth. To address VUCA, companies like BRIF focus on digital transformation, with the My BRIF app and careful risk management. They also place customers as their primary focus, emphasizing responsiveness and quality service. In their pursuit of long-term success, BRIF sets high standards for customer experience and the development of a quick-adapting team. With a strong determination, they aspire to become a major player in the financial industry with financial inclusion as their primary focus.

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