AdIners Article Writing Competition

AdIners Article Writing Competition

Greetings to literacy activists, 

Today our beloved country Indonesia is “at war” facing an pandemic related to COVID-19. As one of the preventive measures to prevent the virus spreads, AdIns took steps to Work From Home in accordance with the directions of the government of the Republic of Indonesia. Remember, stay and work from home instead going on a vacation or return back to your hometown. 

In addition to implementing “Work From Home”, AdIns also holds Article Writing Contest for all AdIners. Now is the time to hone our writing skills and learn to convey ideas, ideas, opinions, suggestions & criticisms in written form. 

In the long run, this Article Writing Competition is also expected to find good writers in AdIns. Furthermore, the writers will have the opportunity to get a good writing training, included in activities nor events related to AdIns and the writing of their work will be displayed on other AdIns Official & IT News Portal websites. 

As this article writing activity is contested, we prepare attractive prizes for winners such as JBL Earphones, Google Home Mini, Mi Smart Band 4. There will also be entertainment prizes for lucky participants. Especially for the winners, the selected writings will be posted on online news portals in Indonesia. Very cool right! 

Not only your article will be posted on the site, but your real name will be displayed as an author. So, make sure you participate and make your own original writing. 

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Here are the requirements you need to know to enter this article writing contest: 

Types of writing that are contested: 

  1. Press Release 

Contains information related to events that have taken place at AdIns 


  1. Perayaan Penutupan Proyek WOM Finance x AdIns Project
  2. Era Digital, AdIns Adakan Seminar AdIns Executive Business Gathering 2019 Bagi untuk Peningkatan Bisnis dan Teknologi Berkelanjutan 
  1. Webtorial 
  1. Personal
    • Contains information that refers to 1 person as the main topic. You are allowed to write about friends, coworkers , and superiors who inspired you to write about them. 
  1. General
    • AdIns is an IT company with a main business in the finance sector . Therefore, for this type of writing it is contains information about the world of IT and Multifinance. For example if you are interested about IT you can write about The Effective Coding and the Latest Technology. Multifinance topic, you can share about the World of Multifinance, Operational Work in Multifinance, Surveyor Ways, Collector Ways, etc. 

General Rules: 

  1. Article writing competition is hold on March 19 – April 5, 2020 . 
  2. Announcement of winners will be announced on April 21, 2020 . 
  3. Registration / registration of participants by sending an email to with the information Name – DIVISION. And then, you will get a email reply containing the Google Docs Link from the organizer. 
  4. Participants can submit more than 1 paper. 
  5. Participants are active employees such as BOM, Permanent, Contract, Probation, Internship, Oursource and Insource at PT. Adicipta Technology Innovation . 
  6. The title of the article is free, adjusted to the type of writing chosen . 
  7. Participants are not allowed to commit fraud in any form. If before, during, or after a race the organizer discovers cheating by a participant, the participant will be disqualified and declared void. 
  8. The organizer is released from third party claims related to the article submitted by the participant . 
  9. Work that is assessed is the work that will be withdrawn on April 5 , 2020 at 16 . 00 WIB . 
  10. The jury’s decision and judgment cannot be contested . 


Terms and conditions of writing: 

  1. Writing articles using Google Words (Link from the organizer) with fonts Times New Roman, Line Spacing 1.5 and the amount of 800 – 1,500 words per article. 
  2. Each participant may submit more than 1 article. 
  3. The article must an original work, has never been published in various media or included in any competition. 
  4. Articles do not contain pornography, violence, harassment of SARA . 
  5. Articles use good and correct Indonesian according to EYD and are allowed to use terms in foreign languages . 
  6. Copyright is the work of each participant, but the organizer has the right to publish it by including the participant’s name . 
  7. Writing articles in popular form (not specifically, such as reports, academics, theses, theses, etc.) . 

Expected article nature: 


  1. The suitability of the contents of the article with the type of writing 

The article material must be in accordance with the theme of the race and sub-themes that have been selected. 

2. Original 

Articles are original (not plagiarism) and have never been included or published in any media. 

3. Factual 

Article material reveals reliable, accountable and up-to-date data. 

4. Critical 

The article contains a critical analysis of the issues raised in the theme. 

5. Creative 

Articles contain ideas and creative ideas. 

6. Systematic 

Every step of writing the article is designed with a clear and coherent systematic. 

7. Objective 

Articles are not emotional, impartial, damage the image of one party, or highlight the problem subjectively. 


Article Scores Criteria: 

  1. The suitability of the manuscript with the type of writing selected (40%) 
  2. Analysis, critical, creativity, logic, systematic writing (30%) 
  3. Communicative and easy to understand (30%) 


“Isn’t it easy to fix the race rules ?” We are waiting for the works of the AdIners masterpiece. 

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Published date :

19 March 2020