AdIns 18th Anniversarry

AdIns 18th Anniversarry

From 20th to 22nd of April, AdIns conducted an internal corporate outing in Anyer, Serang. This journey is one of annual event every year to celebrate the AdIns anniversary, and this year we are 18 years old.  AdIns also held various social activity to give back to the society. Separated to different teams, we demonstrate that as a strong generation we have to perform love not only at our work place but also radiate them to our society. These social activities are done a few weeks before the outing.

On the first day, All AdIns employee or ‘AdIners’ got two great session of workshop upon arrival. First session talked about four general character of human and how to deal with certain people with a different character. This is a mandatory knowledge to understand others better. And the second session was filled by generation in different era with their own stories from era to era. Both speakers were so communicative and entertaining. It reflected the reasons why different generation has a different behaviour and mind set. when the night comes, a glorious series of session is waiting. Dressed with ‘tropical summer’ outfit, AdIners showed their best outif. Because the winner will be awarded specially every year. On of the special session was interviewing those who have been dedicating their passion, live and ideas with AdIns during 5, 10, 15 years. The last interesting session was a warm talkshow with all of AdIns Board of Direction.

On the second day, here comes the big games. Various entertaining games to collect points have to be finished by their own group. Those games actually required cooperation skill and togetherness. The game session was so exciting and every group has really enjoyed it. After having coffe break and break time session, AdIners gather at the main hall with their best ‘army’ outfit, to compete for the best dressed competition. It was the appreciation night for AdIners that have been working for 5, 10, 15 years.

On the very last day, AdIners social service groups shared their experience how the social services was running and how they were glad to meet those less fortunate parties and what makes them happy to be part of the group. AdIners felt more thankful to God for what they’ve got till this day. We finish all sessions with a powerfull message from one of Our Board of Director (Mr. Frans Liwanuru) to be more commited to whatever we are doing to just interested and have no involvement. These series of event were meant to make communication between all AdIners more intimate, give a new spirit and more appreciate what AdIners have today. And this annual event will be attempted to be accompolish next year. Wait for another AdIns stories and see you!

Author :

Anisa Andamdewi

Published date :

23 April 2018