AdIns 2023 Highlights

AdIns 2023 Highlights

Jakarta, 21 April 2024. AdIns has helped to create operational excellence in Indonesian financing companies for 24 years. The revival of the Indonesian economy after the pandemic and the new normal era created a lot of important events experienced by AdIns. The following are highlights of AdIns’ development in 2023.  

1. Mr Kastoto as New President Director 

 A change in leadership always brings new enthusiasm. With the arrival of Mr. Kastoto as the new President Director and the support of Mr. Guntur Gozali as President Commissioner, AdIns brings new energy and continuing to provide the best service remains a top priority.  

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2. Eendigo: Seamless Integration 

 Eendigo, as AdIns’ new business line, offers API-based solutions that accommodate the rapidly growing market needs. With a focus on speed, scalability and easy integration, Eendigo is determined to be the pioneer of digital transformation in the Indonesian financing industry.  

, AdIns 2023 Highlights, Advance Innovations

3. Financing Company’s Trust in AdIns 

With a track record of 100% successful implementation rate, AdIns has been trusted by 70% of financing companies with assets above 10 trillion rupiah, 53% of financing companies with assets of 5 to 10 trillion rupiah, 25% of financing companies with assets of 1 to 5 trillion.  

, AdIns 2023 Highlights, Advance Innovations

4. ISO 27001:2022 Certification: Commitment to Data Security 

AdIns has received ISO 27001:2022 certification. This confirms our commitment to maintaining customer data security and ensuring compliance with existing regulations. This certification is recognition of the international standards held by AdIns in maintaining information security. 

, AdIns 2023 Highlights, Advance Innovations

The enthusiasm to always be an information technology partner for the success of finance companies continues to be AdIns’ main focus. Click here to know more about AdIns Let’s build Indonesia’s financing industry together. 

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Ad Ins

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21 April 2024