AdIns Care for Palu and Donggala

AdIns Care for Palu and Donggala

Earthquake and tsunami rocked the town of Palu and Donggala, Central Sulawesi on Friday (September 28th, 2018). In one month of these obituaries envelop Indonesia and became a trending topic in various places, including PT Adicipta Inovasi Teknologi (AdIns). As enterprise software vendor multifinance in technology industry. AdIns undertook to grieve and sympathetic to the natural disasters that occurred in parts of Central Indonesia. In that initiative, AdIns participated dock the internal corporate donations to help victims of natural disasters who are struggling to live and rebuild their city.

, AdIns Care for Palu and Donggala, Advance Innovations

Up to 3 week ago the victims in recorded 2,010 this tragic disaster. Most fatalities were found in Palu to reach 1,601 people. While in Donggala 171 people and Sigi 222 people. While the victim was missing up to now reached 671 people.

SAR Basarnas team found 46 bodies again on last week. So the total number of victims found SAR team was 864 people. While the victim was found by volunteers and communities as much as 1,232 people.

, AdIns Care for Palu and Donggala, Advance Innovations

In addition, many victims swallowed the magnitude 7.4 earthquake and tsunami also destroyed 2,736 67,310 homes, damaged schools, and there were 20 health facilities and 12 point road were severely damaged, and also recorded a number of displaced residents 82,775 point.

This internal donation activities done by Committee AdIns charity program. The donation is channeled to Indonesia Vision Probe on sat, 06 October 2018. Through these activities is expected to instill the values of mutual sympathy, love, and sharing toward our neighbors who are trouble. May the little help that is given from the internal AdIns a blessing and is beneficial for the victims of the tsunami disaster in the hammer and Donggola. It is also in line with the company’s vision “we’re blessed to be a blessings “, then starting from the blessings we have received, it is hoped we can share so be a blessing to others.





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28 October 2018