Applications to Support Working from Home (WFH)

Applications to Support Working from Home (WFH)

Work from Home (WFH) have been implemented widely lately as a government’s strategy to minimize the spread of COVID-19. Numbers of companies in Jakarta have implemented WFH for their employees to ensure their business and office activities run smoothly. Several companies faced difficulties in implementing the WFH, one of the reasons being the challenge of keeping a good communication among colleagues.  

After several weeks of performing their daily activities and works from home, Indonesians are getting used to the new way of communicating to their colleagues, which is virtually. Therefore, we need an effective communication tools which can be used to support our daily works. 

Currently there are many software or applications which can be used to support WFH. Followings are applications which are important to know:

  1. E-mail

E-mail is a medium to send and receive a mail on the internet which can be used by companies for their mailing needs. However, e-mail is less effective as an interactive communication. 

  1. Chat application

Personal or group communication can be used through a chat application so that each person can respond to one another. There are several popular applications which can be used during WFH, among others: Microsoft teams, Slack, and Whatsapp.

  1. Conference/meeting application

Holding a virtual meeting in front of a laptop or a smartphone is one of methods to gather many people to discuss an issue. Just like a meeting in an office, the main difference is that the participants don’t have to meet in person. Popular applications include: Zoom, Skype, and Google Hangout

  1. Collaboration application

This is an important tool to support the work, where it is used to manage and supervise task divisions, targets, progresses, and results. This application is made to support tasks online based on the needs of each company. The applications are among others: Microsoft Office 365, Google Docs, Google Drive, etc.

Maybe some companies require other applications or software to fulfil their needs during the WFH time. AdIns offers a product in form of a tool to save and access company’s important documents digitally, especially documents that belong to the clients. Lite DMS is a digitizing and a document management system to increase effectivity and efficiency of your business process by easing up document searching process. System LiteDMS can be easily integrated with the existing main system in each company.

This is the benefit we experience in the era of advanced technologies, where there are many applications that can support our work. AdIns always innovates and creates new products to support our clients’ work especially in the multifinance sector. 

Author :

Ad Ins

Published date :

05 June 2020