Berniat (Determination), Berusaha (Effort), Berdoa (Pray)

Berniat (Determination), Berusaha (Effort), Berdoa (Pray)

This 3B stands for Berniat (determination), Berusaha (effort), Berdoa(pray) simply triggers my enthusiasm when I’m going to do or achieve something that I desire, and this is just my story at the time.

This is my story.

Long time ago (during high school), I was confused about where to continue my education. Do I want to continue my study? Or just want to look for a job and earn money so that I can continue my studies with my own expense (Please understand, I’m an independent person. hehe). But one thing for sure, I wanted to continue my education to a higher level. Why? Because I want to be different from my other siblings.

On a one sunny day, my high school alumni visited my school and promoted their university. They informed us that there was a FULL SCHOLARSHIP program. I was surprised and murmured, “Wow, so cool. We can get a full scholarship and monthly allowance”. Since then I started to find out how to get a full scholarship. Maybe, it is not a well known college, and the major of study that I wanted to apply was unavailable (I wanted to major in Pharmacy). But at that time, I was motivated to go to college for FREE. So, I decided to enter the university through the FULL SCHOLARSHIP program. And for the choice of major I selected the safest one. To be qualified to become the scholarship recipient, I had to go through four stages of rigorous selection: Administration Selection, Written Test Selection, Interview, and Health Check. At each stage I constantly pray and hope that the results will be good for me, if indeed God allows, then everything can happen.

At that time, I intended not to bother my parents for the tuition fee, so I tried to get the full scholarship. If I remember correctly, the number of full scholarship recipients are 70 per year, and there are around 1200 in number (so many). I tried my best to prepare everything with the help from my teachers and friends and also never forget to PRAY.

Finally, the five-months wait paid off. YEAY, I CAN HAVE FULL SCHOLARSHIP and STUDENT ALLOWANCE every month. My gratitude was through the roof at that time. Just think about it, in the beginning it was hard and far. But because I believe to keep on trying my best, I got THE BEST result. And I believe this words, “Everything will BE BEAUTIFUL at the right time.

After passing the selection and becoming a student, the journey started again with my goal, “If I want to study for free until the graduation, my GPA must be at least 3.00”. Tadaa, it turns out that the TnC (Terms and Conditions) for the college is  having the minimum GPA of 3.00. At first, I did not feel any burden. But when I started it, I felt like I picked the WRONG FIELD OF STUDY (because it was difficult).

I thought, If I gave up, I wouldn’t get this golden opportunity for the 2nd time. Then, I determined to reach a 3.00 GPA until the graduation. I did everything to achieve it, and in the first year my GPA was> 3.00.

At the end of each school year, the top 3 will get the highest GPA. At that time I didn’t get the top 3, but my target was to get a GPA >3.00. So, my goals was ACHIEVED. Thank God, The FULL SCHOLARSHIP will continue in my second year. Then, I set up my goal at the end of the second year to get into the top 3 highest GPA. I try to be more active in class, study more, and explore more things. At the end of the second year, I got the top 3 highest GPA. Thank God the scholarship was extended until the graduation.

After graduating from college, I intended to work right away, so I can have time advantage while waiting for my graduation. I joined the recruitment for several companies, and finally, I got it before I graduated.

In this story, I want to share that we can achieve everything we want. Everything depends on our Determination, Effort, and Prayer. Because there is no such thing as an INSTANT process, and give a great result (except for instant noodles, hehe). Everything needs determination, effort, and prayer.

When the first time I entered AdIns, I felt strange. Why?

Since I became AdIners, I do the same thing, and I still try to understand CONFINS more. Because this is a new business process in my career world, and I’m still craving for a new knowledge.

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06 May 2020