CONFINS Implementation Goes to Belitung

CONFINS Implementation Goes to Belitung

Belitung, June 21st – 23rd, 2019 – CONFINS implementation team went on a holiday to Belitung for three days. CONFINS is a pioneer in providing software system solution for financing companies, especially the multi-finance business. Enabled by AdIns, CONFINS is also equipped with a delivery channel in the form of open API in order to collaborate with other systems.

In CONFINS, employees are encouraged to work smart since the production process is working nonstop. This is why CONFINS employees deserve some good days-off so that they can refresh their body and minds, which will positively affect their productivity. All of CONFINS employees take part in this company outing with such a high level of enthusiasm.

The company outing was held to appreciate all of CONFINS employees who have succeeded in achieving targets in 2018. Moreover, it could also create a moment for employees to get to know more about AdIns, CONFINS, and each other. This will allow them to increase the level of solidarity and togetherness. Each participant also had the opportunity to get to know each other better.

Frendy, one of the participants, admitted that this holiday has helped him see the fun side of his teammates, which he had never seen at work before. Not to mention that CONFINS implementation team’s holiday at Belitung was also filled with various exciting activities. These include snorkeling around the Belitung beach and a fun quiz.

“It’s very fun, especially during the quiz because we can get to know each other better,” said Zaqy, one of the CONFINS team members who joined the outing.

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CONFINS team also used this company outing to visit the Laskar Pelangi school replica, SD Muhammadiyah Gantong. Even though it’s only a replica, the building really did justice to replicate the school of Laskar Pelangi’s novel writer, Andrea Hirata. However, physically, the replica of SD Muhammadiyah Gantong was not in good shape. It’s because some parts of the school replica were built using the materials used in the original school building, which has been demolished.

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17 January 2020