Disadvantages and Drawbacks of Using Physical Paper Forms

Disadvantages and Drawbacks of Using Physical Paper Forms

Paper form is one of the most commonly used instrument in many working environments around the world. Paper forms are widely used to gather information that maybe crucial for fulfilling some work agendas. For decades, people have used paper forms to file for credit applications and many other things. Paper form has done its job for a while, and it seems that it will not disappear anytime soon. However, many concerns have been raised about the usage of paper forms in general as well. So why are people slowly phasing out paper forms when it is very useful? Has paper forms offer more disadvantages than actual benefits?

For one thing, using paper forms has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. When compared to digital forms, paper forms spend lesser cost and minimum amount of electrical power. This means that people can just copy the forms and use no computer to work on the forms. However, as technology progresses, the disadvantages of using paper forms are starting to outweigh its benefits. People are starting to consider that using paper forms may actually spend more cost and power when compared to its digital counterpart. It is so much that digital forms are now seen as a norm and necessity in many companies.

The disadvantages of using paper forms are not without reason at all. As many things are becoming digitalized steadily, what matters to companies now is efficiency. For instance, credit loaning companies are beginning to realize that using paper forms is a hassle. If there are inaccuracies in the data that they have collected, chances are the customers will complain about the service. In addition, compiling a copious amount of paper forms may be not efficient when deadlines are abound as well. Not to mention, a missing credit application form may will invite more and more problems that will ruin the customer’s day.

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With a surprising amount of problems that paper forms can cause, we will list down several things about why paper forms are not as advantageous as it seems below:

  • Storage problems

Storing so many amount of paper forms can be difficult. Unfortunately, many of these used paper forms are no longer useful when activities that involve them are done. Many of them will just be stored in a closed storage where they are most likely will never be used again. And storage rooms are also limited because they need to store other things as well, which makes storing paper forms are becoming increasingly undesirable.

  • Prone to physical damage

Despite being handy, none can deny the fact that paper is one of the most fragile medium in writing things. Its thinness are susceptible to sharp objects, fire and liquid matters that will make the paper unusable. Which means that when these paper forms are damaged, nothing can be done to preserve important data that are written in them. While it is possible to copy them, the drawbacks stay the same, as these copy papers are just as susceptible as ever.

  • Inefficiency in transmission and transfer

While paper forms are quite easy to store, transporting and inputting data from them will take a longer time instead. It may take from hours to weeks just to get these forms transported to its intended location. As if it is not long enough, people will need more additional time to manually input all of the data. This is especially not efficient for credit companies that need to process their customers’ demand and requests immediately.

  • Security problems

Unlike digital forms, people cannot safely encrypt paper forms by any means. Because of that, it is safe to say that people can easily smuggle sensitive data out of them. Moreover, unsecured paper form are susceptible to be illegally copied by irresponsible parties. This can result in the leak of personal information and details such as credit card credentials, paycheck information, and many others. Even worse, the company may face a criminal lawsuit case simply because of its inability to secure its own stored paper forms. Inefficiently storing paper forms is one thing, but facing lawsuit cases due to negligence is a worse drawback for everyone.

Is it already quite shocking? But then again, the reasons stated above are some of the major concerns behind the gradual phasing of paper forms. Companies decided that the risk of going on with paper forms is not worth fighting in the modern era. With that in mind, companies are currently using digital forms that offer more advantages for them. Moreover, using digital forms may also save potential costs from the usage of paper forms in working environments as well.

So, is it really the end of paper forms? While it is still not entirely possible for phasing out paper forms entirely, people can still minimize its disadvantages. For what it’s worth, paper forms can actually spend lesser cost than using computers to work on digital forms. However, it falls to the companies’ capability to lower its potential costs so that the paper forms will not be excessive. If companies can expertly manage the use of these two kinds of form, chances are paper forms can still be cleverly used.

Therefore, paper forms has not really died down yet in some circumstances. These forms may still be advantageous in places that do not have steady electrical connection. But then again, companies must decide the best way to balance their use of paper and digital forms if they want to really make these forms work. Both paper and digital forms has their own weaknesses: it is the companies’ competence that serve as the final nail in the coffin.

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13 July 2020