Fire Prevention Training on AdIns

Fire Prevention Training on AdIns

On February 28th, 2019 -Department of General Affiar (GA) at PT. Adicipta Inovasi Teknologi Fire-fighting training to all staff and employees in Grha Adicipta. This event was hosted by P2PKI Pusat Pelatihan Kebakaran Indonesia. The sustainability of the event welcomed the enthusiasm of the staff and employees and is divided in two sessions. The first session was done the exposure material and at the second session conducted a simulation of a fire. In this activity is part of the vision of the company to the employees:

To encourage and leverage employees to grow“,

, Fire Prevention Training on AdIns, Advance Innovations

Based on that vision, AdIns has a commitment to pay attention to their employees in the workplace because as software vendor for multifinance AdIns realized that staff and employees is a valuable asset of the company, which through their performance and comfort them in the enterprise, companies can continue to grow, work, innovate and provide a positive contribution to the environment.

Fire-fighting training activities, aims to give insight to their staff and employees in responding to emergency situations fire likely to be found in the environment/work environment so that staff and employees are not It is easy to panic and be able to do the activities, self rescue, emergency handling, and first aid in fire situations.

The event went smoothly and the staff and employees who participate in a simulation of a fire with the orderly and regular. Staff employees also provides their responses related implementation activities, according to their company has implemented a variety of programs, procedures, and activities that aim to provide education to them about the importance of Security and safety in the work environment. So that they provide support to the company to implement such activities as it became one of the regular agenda that needs to be done continuously for the internal development of the company.

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04 March 2019