Tips to Increase Our Confidence during Job Interviews

Tips to Increase Our Confidence during Job Interviews

Job interview process is something that job seekers cannot take lightly. Because this phase will decide whether you will earn your dream job or not. Some of us will probably be nerved when facing job interviews. This is a very common thing. However, do not worry; it is better for all of you to prepare yourselves as best as you can to offer the best results during job interviews.

Before learning the best interview tips, there are some facts that you need to know firsthand. Work experience is not the most crucial factor in the job interview. Instead, your personality will count during the interview process. Some personality traits that employee recruiters are arrogance, inflexible way of thought, dishonesty, and unwillingness to learn new things. The second deciding factor is your education background and work experience. This means that your personality will be the recruiters’ primary concern when interviewing you. This time, AdIns will offer you some helpful tips to increase your confidence during the pressure of job interviews.

Before Interview

  1. Know more about your dream companies. You must know the inner workings of these companies to increase your success in the interview. Find more about the internal work culture of these companies through social media.
  2. Bring your resume copy and other related documents during the job interview. This is especially important as HR department favors well-prepared interviewees.
  3. Turn off your mobile phone notifications so that it will not disturb the ongoing interview. 
  4. Make sure to arrive in the interview location 20 minutes before the interview starts. This will show that your discipline in time management that the interviewers will take account into as well.

During Interview

  1. Use proper body language. The first impression about you will come from the way you speak, and the way you walk and move your body. Speak confidently without coming across as arrogant, smile warmly and gently look at the interviewers’ eyes.
  2. Introduce yourself with a warm greeting and discuss about your current activities shortly. Avoid irrelevant topics such as talking about your hobbies excessively.
  3. Focus in describing your personal skills and competence to create a positive contribution for that company.
  4. Use real life examples where you used, developed or increased your personal skills. Therefore, even though you have not had any prior work experience, your competence remains sharp and well trained.
  5. Refrain yourself from giving negative information regarding your past work colleagues. Whenever the interviewers offer you a negative statement, be sure to answer this statement positively.

After Interview

  1. Be sure to express your gratitude and closing statement enthusiastically and confidently. Do not forget to stand up straight and shake the interviewers’ hands, and being positive and ethical after the interview has concluded.
  2. Never share your interview details in the social media, be they are negative or positive experiences. Make sure that this interview will be a great experience for you to be a better person in the future.

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24 July 2020