Knowledge Sharing Session

Knowledge Sharing Session

On Thursday, September 28th, 2017 AdIns as a software vendor for multfinance held a knowledge sharing session (KSS) where internal AdIns employee take a certain subject and schedule to be a speaker. This knowledge sharing sessions are one of AdIns habit that have a positive impact and beneficial for each other.

The knowledge session is organizing internally and scheduled regularly every week, on the purpose of enabling permanent employees AdIns updates against new technologies, hopefully with this kind of sharing knowledge session it can also strengthens the relationship of fellow employees AdIns.

The topic of this week’s session of sharing knowledge on the Lake Data from Microsoft and IoT Central. The first speaker shared about what is Microsoft azure Data Lake and How to Implement Microsoft azure Data Lake. While both speakers shared on the Internet of things is currently, a hot topic in the world of technology is believed to be highly influential in the world of IoT technology in the years to come.

From this sharing, AdIns hoped that the participants can get a deeper learning about updated knowledge and how important to use it in certain purpose. AdIns as a solution for multifinance believes that KSS is useful to improve its human resources knowledge.

Author :

Priska Audiya

Published date :

29 September 2017