Benefits of Using Online Attendance

Benefits of Using Online Attendance

Development of technology has taken place in all aspects of tools that we use in our daily life. From automobiles to mobile phones, there is no end to what technology development can do to better these paraphernalia for our activities. In addition, since the goal of technology development is to make our lives easier, this particular development will keep on taking place for many years in our future. From the most menial purpose to more advanced purposes of technology development, technology fulfills all of humanity’s needs regardless of urgency and importance. And this cannot be more apparent in the development of the online attendance system and its benefits.

One of the most useful technology development for companies is the development of online attendance devices. For companies that rely on on-the-field projects that may not practically utilize conventional attendance system, this change is considered as a welcomed one. Usually, this form of online attendance will take form in a specialized online attendance apps or websites to ease the whole process. Companies that want to utilize online attendance system can use an already existing attendance website or design a specialized app for that specific purpose.

There are several concerns that underlie the development of online attendance system. In recent times, many companies depend on on-the-field activities and projects that result in none of the employees coming to the office. Most attendance papers only exist in their companies’ headquarters and carrying all of them to outdoor projects will be a hassle. Not to mention, employees who already worked on their outdoor projects are prone to an “unavailable/leaving the job without permission” situation simply because they did not fill their attendance papers in the office. Thus, conventional attendance system does not seen as beneficial as before due to its shortcomings.

This resulted in several complaints from the employees who do not have enough time to fill their attendance checklist in the office in scenarios of outdoor projects. Because of this particular development, efforts have been taken to minimize possible complaints from the employees regarding this situation. Other than decreasing complaints from the employees, online attendance can provide other benefits as well for the sake of work efficiency.

By using online attendance system, companies can manage the attendance data in a real-time manner compared to conventional means. By detecting every attendance login process, company management can assess attendance and absence of employees without having to wait the lengthy paperwork. In this way, the management will be able to significantly decrease fraudulent acts in the employees’ attendance process. Therefore, the management can detect employees who perform disciplinary violation during the attendance process and thus benefitting greatly from this feature.

Online attendance system can also benefit companies in financial matters. By being able to assess employees’ attendance in a real-time method, companies can minimize miscalculation of the employees’ work hours and paycheck. Since it is easier to pay attention to employees who attend the office in that particular day, companies will be able to assess their performance fairly. Employees who do not come to the office or have shorter work hours will receive less payment when compared to others who spend more time in the office. Moreover, employees who work overtime will receive additional bonus based on their extra performance in spending more time for work when compared to normal work hours. This highlights the financial advantage of using online attendance system.

Other than assessing paycheck more accurately, companies can advantage from using online attendance system in preventing misunderstandings in workplaces. Sometimes, there are cases of misunderstanding between the management and the employers in the field simply because the employees do not have enough time to fill attendance checklist in their offices. This can lead to employees complaining to the management where they are considered being absent without permission while they are obliged to come to the on-site project immediately. To counter that situation, online attendance can provide an alternative for on-site employees who can fill their online attendance checklist to the company management to ensure that they are not taking absence without permission.

Having an online attendance system by companies can also save up money significantly. Operating attendance machines and using attendance checklist papers can be quite a hassle for companies if they have thousands of employees. Not to mention, maintenance and production cost of these machines can be quite costly since companies need to install these machines in different parts of their headquarters. Having an integrated online attendance system may alleviate this problem significantly. By using a singular online attendance server that is accessible for everyone, the company management can quickly procure attendance data as opposed to collecting it from attendance machines in the end of the day.

Finally, companies can benefit from using online attendance system to improve employees’ compliance and work quality. Inaccurate attendance data may result in the employees being unmotivated enough since there is no clear mechanism about the reward system of their work. Not to mention, inaccurate data is also prone to violation of work ethics, such as taking absence without permission and others. To prevent these shortcomings, online attendance system may ensure employees will receive a fairer payment based on their performance while working.

Although utilizing an online attendance system is more cost-friendly and advantageous when compared to the conventional attendance method, companies need to take steps to make the system effective as well. The attendance server needs to be maintained daily to prevent miscalculation and errors when inputting the employees’ attendance data. Whenever errors happen in the online attendance server, there are chances of inability to properly assess employees’ attendance and performance data that can result in unwanted scenarios. Should companies forget their duty to maintain this attendance system, expect the advantages of the system to be decreased significantly.

Despite all of the existing benefits of online attendance system, much steps need to be taken so that companies’ employees can improve their work quality. Shortcomings that stem from misunderstandings between the management and the company, inaccurate attendance data, and impracticality of conventional attendance cannot be ignored. Therefore, it is more important for companies to use this particular system more than ever.

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30 June 2020