How Can Push Notification Increase Customer Engagement

How Can Push Notification Increase Customer Engagement

The emergence of push notification and its relation with companies’ customer engagement is closely related with the development history of mobile phone. From when it was dedicated to basic functions such as phone calls and simple text messages, mobile phone has now received a number of advanced functions more than ever before. Mobile app has become sort of an indispensable tool for daily life; it can manage your daily financial expenses, set up your weekly schedules, updating notifications and many more. For the earliest generation of mobile phone users, the rapid development of mobile phone models may seem unbelievable in the first glance.

Even further, mobile phones now also enable notifications in the form of push notifications. To put it simply, push notification is a small message that will gradually pop up to mobile phone users where users can open the message by doing a simple push on the screen. Push notification started to take form when mobile phones were slowly progressing to touchscreen models, where it is easier for users to click on incoming notifications. Although notifications had existed for as long as mobile phones exist, the emergence of push notification makes it easier for users to immediately open the context of incoming notifications.

Since 2009, the progression of mobile phone to the touchscreen models makes apps more capable of sending notifications that are more sophisticated. With different jingle tunes and texts of notifications, app developers can develop creative ways to notify users. From the most urgent notifications to the more mundane ones, they can inform about almost everything that is trending at that moment. Moreover, for marketing actors, push notifications is a major stride in marketing their products to raise their engagement with their desired customers.

As push notification becomes a major function in modern mobile phones, multiple companies worldwide started to understand its importance. The prevalence of Internet and latest phone apps makes it possible for companies to market their products in many ways. Major e-commerce companies from Amazon to Tokopedia in Indonesia heavily rely on push notification to notify about the latest discounts and products that are available. They hope that they can push potential buyers to immediately buy these products before the promotion time ends.

Because of push notification’s benefits, companies can engage potential customers to introduce and market their products more effectively. Through push notifications, companies can issue latest notifications starting from latest services and urgent news. Whereas companies need to do conventional marketing ploys to promote their products in the past, push notification in mobile phones enables them a faster way to do so. Since push notification system does not involve brochure printing and door-to-door sales promotion, companies can relatively decrease the amount of spending into the promotion department.

Since push notification system plays a more important role more than before, companies have to consider of making their product promotion to be interesting and creative. Similar to text messages, notifications from companies need to be creative enough to engage potential customers. Putting too many information in the notification will drive away many customers since it is not effective and too wordy as a notification. Therefore, the intricate details can only be laid in the products’ page in the website or the app.

Latest studies has shown that modern humans only have 8 seconds to pay attention to something and deem whether it is interesting or not. Understanding this particular development in human psychology is very important for companies to promote their products creatively. “Baiting” the customers is a must-have art that needs to be studied by every business ventures if they want to persuade people into buying their products. In addition, in the time where all companies need to abide by this particular rule, individuality and identity of the products can be quite a challenge to surmount.

To answer the attention span challenge, companies need to not go overboard with their notifications. Customer engagement will be less likely to be successful if the companies provide too much information in the push notifications. Since a rigorous feat of promotion can be seen as spam, companies need to pay attention to time and location of the promotion. Promoting products during nighttime can be disturbing for users who are resting at the time, so it is highly advisable not to notify them with push notifications in those hours. Similar condition also applies during daylight, where people have to focus with their work and daily lives and may not have enough time to read the notifications.

Adapting and scheduling with the particular time and location setting may help companies to improve their customer engagement. For instance, during lunchtime and dinner, food franchises may notify about the current menu discounts for customers who are looking for some meal. With concisely designed push notifications, customers are more likely to open their food delivery apps since the promotion timing is more aptly delivered rather than in non-dining hours.

Paying attention to the emotional condition of customers is also a great way to improve customer engagement. Younger generations tend to relate their favorite products with a certain set of emotions that they feel, so it is wise for companies to play along with this trend. Using latest societal trends in promoting products usually works, since this induces a spirit of creativity by the companies to market their products through push notifications.

Finally, companies can use push notification creatively if they want to properly engage their customers. Since customer demographics are consisted of various age groups, it is best to adapt with their psyche to ensure the best engagement result. Other factors are also important as well since they decide the push notification’s success in engaging customers. Only by doing this, companies can attain their desired customers to buy and utilize their products.

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08 July 2020