Team Campur Sari Held a Social Service for Sayap Ibu Barito Foundation

Team Campur Sari Held a Social Service for Sayap Ibu Barito Foundation

On Saturday, April 7th 2018 – One of social services team of AdIns, Campur Sari has completed the annual social activity with Sayap Ibu Barito Foundation. Located in Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan this event followed by 17 children. This service became a contribution form for AdIns Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). There were a lot of activity series Campur Sari team was successfully done, started from 10 a.m to 1 p.m.

After the children have introduced themselves, they sang about five child songs with committees. The event continued with holding three types of games and the children really enjoyed it. Campur Sari has another brilliant idea to enliven the event, that was drawing shirt. Children seemed so happy to release their creativity through colored paint on shirts.

Campur Sari then initiated to celebrate one birthday child of Sayap Ibu Barito on that day. Towards the end of event, children wrote testimonials for committees and event itself followed by giving trophy to them.

Committees furthermore sang “Manusia Kuat” by singer Tulus. The team has an aim with singing this song, that was to send a message to children to live their life passionately even there are a lot of obstacles. Campur Sari closed the event with group photo and having lunch.

AdIns is always trying to do the best for its social enviroment from the nearest to the furthest in Indonesia. As corporate social responsibility (CSR), AdIns have been being enthusiastic to support the less fortunate parties, from individuals, educational facility, clinic, foundation, and many more.  On March, 2015, AdIns Team held the social event at SDN Sukabirus, located at Megamendung, Bogor, West Java. There were some games AdIns have like making mosaic decoration, make origami, and make straw flowers. AdIns also bought them a new books, like textbooks and storybook for their library. Continued to month of June, AdIns has visited Rumah Ijo” Tutor Center for Homeless Kids in Kedoya, West Jakarta to share good things and distibute books to them. In early 2017, AdIns through Yayasan Ratna Miriam has been involving in contribution to provide the ambulance car for St. Yoseph Kiwangona Clinic in Adonara, East Flores, NTT – Indonesia. Therefore, AdIns hopes that this additional facility can contributes to improve the services for the people of Adonara and the surrounding in organizing health services.

Small things from AdIns may make the future of every involved parties much brighter.

Author :

Anisa Andamdewi

Published date :

08 April 2018