The Beginning of AdIns Adventure & Outdoor Club

The Beginning of AdIns Adventure & Outdoor Club

Sentul, November 16, 2019 – The birth of AdIns Adventure & Outdoor Club, after previously AdIners had fun hiking to Curug Cinta, Sentul. This fun hiking is not only followed by AdIners who are already veterans of the hiking world, but also friends who have never hiked before.

Although titled as fun hiking, the journey that passed to get to Curug Cinta is not easy. The rising contours of the road, makes the adventurers must adjust their pace strategy, including taking a break when it’s needed. The laughter and cheerful atmosphere during the trip seemed to make them forget the fatigue of climbing. We were continuously encouraging each other, although some are just silent, trying to save their breath to prepare for the next steps.

On the way to Curug Cinta, the green nature that we passed amazed us. Yes, that’s right. These views will not be found in the concrete forest, Jakarta. By enjoying nature like this, we can refresh our mind. The scenery gained through this struggle certainly cannot forget to captured it via Wefie.

Arriving at Curug Cinta, the adventurers rested at the stalls located on the edge of Curug. Eating food and drinks, they recovered their energy, because there was still a journey to return to the starting point. But before returning, they enjoyed the cool and refreshing Curug water. Some of us who were previously hesitant to get close to the waterfall, came to get close and jump, or just to put their legs in the water. Satisfied enjoyed the fresh water of the waterfall in the hot weather in Sentul.

Already satisfied playing with water, and the sun was getting higher. The journey back to the starting point was indeed more derivative, but with the heat of the weather in Sentul was challenging.

The day was getting late when they all returned to the starting point. Even though it was tiring, their faces keep smiling. It was like a pride for those who have ventured to join this hiking, even though they didn’t know yet what the hiking terrain will be like. We got many achievements at that time, whether it managed to survive and complete the fun hiking, or someone managed to break the record for the highest number of steps in 1 day, and the furthest walking distance. Even though we have not yet reached our homes, they have already thought, when will we do this fun activity again.

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Whatever achievements we pursue, after the hiking activity, ideas began to emerge to carry out other adventurous and outdoor activities, then AdIns Adventure & Outdoor Club is formed. Activities that will be held by this community will be part of the company’s “Engage & Grow” program.

Written by Sumatris

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11 May 2020