So that you become a productive writer 

We can start writing about something we like. Keep on fighting, especially for beginners who often give up because they spend too long thinking about the brilliant ideas. Unfortunately, this search usually ends with no results  and stuck so you don’t have the desire to write anymore. Certainly, this is not the right way to learn.  

The easy way, we can take advantage of your interests or hobbies and the words will flow as you write them. 

  1. Take advantage of your Past (Like the song “Kenangan Terindah” by Samsons)

Not interested in any topic? Looking back to the past is another way you can do. Every AdIners must have experience during their working period at AdIns. 

There are funny experiences, cool experiences, and there are also experiences that change the way we think about things. 

Now, aren’t those things interesting to write in creative writing? 

Explore these events. Turn your past into ideas for writing. 

  1. Observe other people (But Don’t Overdoing it or take your own risk, you may have a crush on them)

YESS !! So true. 

They can be a source of inspiration in many ways. 

Starting from their mindset, the way they react, the problems they face, the desires or ambitions they fight for. 

You can see a friend next to you, friends from other divisions at AdIns, your boss or another division boss are also allowed … Ssssttt .. If you want to write about our BOM we also  allow it… 

The twists and turns of life like this are a source of ideas which is very good for us to put in our writing. 

  1. Observe Activities or Events at AdIns

Okay, this is one that could be an interesting topic. 

Because you don’t need to observe others, but you can search for: 

  • What official activities have been held by AdIns.
  • What fun activities have been held at AdIns
  • What cool activities steal your attention the most
  • Anyway you can being curious aka Kepo with our activities

Easy, isn’t it?? 

You can write the article in Google docs provided by the Marketing team 

How to get the link, you have to send an email to marketing@ad-ins.com 

We are waiting for the masterpiece from AdIners 

Still don’t have an idea to write? 

There are no more reasons right? 

There are many things you can make as materials in producing creative writing. 

One thing to underline is that after you pick a topic to write, 


Do not procrastinate! 

Pour in your words in the sentence and continue to form paragraphs to the next paragraph. 

Author :

Ad Ins

Published date :

26 March 2020