Tips # 02 For You Who Love to Procrastinate

Tips # 02 For You Who Love to Procrastinate

Still hesitant to start on writing? Waiting for an idea to come? Waiting for the good mood?

Waiting … Waiting … and Waiting … 

Write and see how writing turns you into a new person.

“You can make anything by writing.”

— C.S. Lewis

Now, while waiting, you may take the time to read this article and let you know what are the benefits if you want to try to write an article.

1. Documentation

Each of us has limitations in remembering things. Despite the events of the past, there is no way it can be repeated precisely. “I do, I still do remember the story at that time.” Maybe that is right, just a little. But surely we cannot remember the past perfectly. Especially up until now that Doraemon the robot cat who has sophisticated tools to return to the past still hasn’t exist yet. So, writing is a helpful way to remember things that are often forgotten.

, Tips # 02 For You Who Love to Procrastinate, Advance Innovations

  1.  Brain training

    Getting used to writing means that we train our brain to keep on thinking and developing. What is written is the result of thoughts about what we have previously seen, heard or felt. So, when we started writing, we train the brain to channel positive energy and ordered our hands and eyes to create the article.

, Tips # 02 For You Who Love to Procrastinate, Advance Innovations

  1. Produce expressions, ideas & thoughts

    Writing is not merely about the ability for academic argumentation. But writing is more about the expression of something. When we can express what we are thinking, we will feel calm and there is no more burden on the mind. And the good news is, expression was recorded as an artefacts and archives. So that we can see that expression again one day.

, Tips # 02 For You Who Love to Procrastinate, Advance Innovations

The same goes with ideas. Each of us must have a different opinion about something. By seeing the results of having an opinion, it can radiate how deep the experience, insight and intellectual ability.

Furthermore, about ideas and thought I believe that idea is an inspiration that is the first point that moves a person to walk. I have an idea to eat rice, so I will look for ways on how to get rice. There are ideas, there are problems, then there are solutions.

Then what does it have to do with writing? In the context to produce ideas as inspiration, often ideas come without being planned. He came like a ghost in broad daylight. Approaching and haunting the mind then in a short time he left without any notice. Maybe it can be called a ghosting idea.

So, do not ever hesitate to write for the birth of expressions, ideas and thoughts that you have.

  1. Make Money / Earnings

    For the last one, it might not be suitable for us as a novice writer who still left the page blank for the first 20 minutes every time we open Microsoft Word.

    , Tips # 02 For You Who Love to Procrastinate, Advance Innovations

    But don’t worry, you can learn from the blog masters out there. They can reap the dollars every time they post a new article. Because in the articles posted on their blog, placed Ads that are attached. So, by writing, you actually can WFH aka Work From Home forever (not only during the COVID-19 pandemic).

    Start to Write From Now On.

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02 April 2020