Welcoming Internship Students 3 + 1 BINUS University Jakarta

Welcoming Internship Students 3 + 1 BINUS University Jakarta

Internship is something crucial for university students who would like to find work experience since it’s very useful to support their future career. Internship program will also boost the student’s confidence and provide extensive connections for the students concerned. AdIns really support this kind of program. For example, AdIns support BINUS University Jakarta that offers a special 3 + 1 enrichment program, which consists of 3 years of university learning and one year on the job internship which applies what they have learned directly. 

AdIns Internship Program Mechanism

Reported from the welcoming program of internship students at BINUS Jakarta University which was held on Monday, February 17, 2020 at Grha Adicipta, AdIns explained the mechanism of their internship program. Represented by John Son, COFINS Head of Division of Adins, John stated that 50 apprentices will undergo technical training carried out in class, followed by an onsite job training program for a total of about 2 months.

After passing through the onsite job training, students will be involved in the real project. John also emphasized that students will be treated like ordinary employees without any exceptions. John also hopes that students can truly be trained after undergoing an internship. Intern students will also be facilitated in training classes to practice soft skills, hard skills, and project management role play included in them.

The internship program from AdIns itself has been running every year and involves collaboration with various universities in Indonesia. In fact, AdIns also cooperates with BCA to conduct a training process for prospective employees similar to the AdIns training program before it is finally distributed to BCA.

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3 + 1 Program of BINUS Jakarta

Unlike any other universities which usually hold an internship program for only a few months, BINUS has their 3 + 1 program which lasts for 2 semesters and is equivalent to 32 SKS. This program runs from the 5th or 6th semester until the 7th semester. BINUS students will be directed to undergo an internship program directly with industry players, companies and the public.

There are 5 pathways offered by this program, including research, starting a business (business startup), social service, study abroad and internship with direct work in companies. BINUS also cooperates with well-known companies such as Samsung and Sinarmas Bank which will certainly provide meaningful insights and experiences for future student careers.

Because of the same vision, AdIns decide to help this program and prepare the future leader for this Nation.

60:40 Principle by John Son

John also stated that there were no significant obstacles in the apprenticeship mechanism held by AdIns. The biggest obstacle actually depends in the participants themselves. John emphasizes the 60:40 principle, which is the principle between the relationship of perseverance and talent. If someone does something with perseverance, then the score that they will get is 60. However, if he does something with talent alone without perseverance, then the result score obtained is only 40.

Thus, if someone has perseverance, that person will definitely get a good result in life. Conversely, if he only relies on talent without perseverance, that does not mean they will automatically get a good result in life. John stated that there would be no significant obstacles to an internship at AdIns if the students had high intentions, principles and perseverance, because the biggest obstacle lays in their personalities.

, Welcoming Internship Students 3 + 1 BINUS University Jakarta, Advance Innovations

Expectations from AdIns Internship Students

Most of students prefer to have internship at AdIns because the scope of the company itself is quite large and could be used as a means to develop themselves, as stated by Richard, a student majoring in IT. Aldira Farahdiba, another IT student also stated the same. She also stated that the fact that AdIns was the number one multi finance company encouraged her to choose this company as a place to internship.  

Richard and Aldira also expressed their appreciation and gratitude toward the program offered by AdIns to absorb potential people from BINUS University. In addition, the connections offered by AdIns will definitely benefit their careers in the future.

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11 March 2020