Work From Home COVID-19: Blessing For AdIns Behind The Power of Kepepet (URGENCY)

Work From Home COVID-19: Blessing For AdIns Behind The Power of Kepepet (URGENCY)

I’m sure not everyone thought that CORONAVIRUS or COVID-19 became a pandemic that could destroy in such a short time. The number of victims reached thousands of people who died and devastated the economy of the world. All business lines experienced a collapse in the economy in their respective sectors. The first affected tourism business, all trips were canceled because countries began to close all access from outside. The airlines closed their flight routes. Companies start lockdowns and applying Work from Home (WFH) policies for 14 days. Employees start working at home to slow down or minimize the spread of COVID-19. It seems simple, but with so many people not going to work, the impact felt on people with informal jobs such as stalls, motorcycle taxi drivers, street vendors who rely on daily income. The more uncertain their income. The longer this condition lasts, the more the wheels of the economy fall.

The question is whether the COVID19 tragedy is a disaster or a blessing?

This is a scary disaster, indeed. But behind all that, there must be a good plan from God if we see it from another perspective positively. Let’s elaborate on this related to AdIns. Work from Home (WFH) is a concept of working by moving work locations that were in the office, then moved to the home. There are indeed a positive and a negative aspects.

Below are the positive aspects of working from home:

  • Work with a more flexible location, it can be on the dining table, work table, in the garden, terrace, living room, and others. By this can lessen the boredom while working, and it can improve work mood
  • Fitness is maintained. We are not tired and stressed because of commuting to the office.
  • We don’t have to waste our time all the way to go to the office. This will help employees who spend their time on the streets every day because they have to travel long distances back and forth and have to jostle in public transportation, and also always through traffic jams that make travel time so long, so they spent most of their time on the trip. Thus the time spent during daily trips can be used for more positive things, and of course, save my expenses for transportation. I’m already at home when I finished working. I don’t need to travel long distances through traffic, or jostling to scramble in or inside public transportation.
  • Have time for yourself, a pastime that lost due to work time and time on the trip. Lifestyle balance becomes more organized. There is time for rest, work, and entertainment. So it is more motivating to work.
  • We can be more focused and concentrated because working alone, reducing interruption from coworkers, and commotion in the office.

But there are negative aspects, that must be controlled such as :

  • It requires strong self-discipline to avoid disturbances at home like TV, beds, an atmosphere that makes us want to relax, annoying family members, or our beloved pet that seizes attention.
  • Increased operational costs at home, such as electricity, drinking water, internet, snacks to relieve boredom, and others.
  • Communication is different from usual. In the office, we can just yell, so it feels less effective, especially because of long-distance discussions and poor internet connections.

Work from Home or Remote Work, or whatever the term is becoming a trend and dream for a long time by job seekers. There is no need to go to the office, work from anywhere, offering flexibility, likewise with AdIns. But to try it, there are always reasons that become obstacles or worries. So it takes a lot of courage to get started.

Until finally, God brought Covid19 as a trigger. With a significant increase in the number of victims in Indonesia, it forced the government to appeal, especially companies, to start changing their employees’ work models to work from home. Based on this appeal and concern for employee safety, policies formulated, and various methods prepared to safeguard productivity. Trials carried out started from dividing two teams and alternating WFH to almost all employees working from home. It turns out infrastructures and employees’ readiness are good in responding to working from home. Then the WFH journey begins at AdIns.

This is all because of The Power of Kepepet (urgency), which makes AdIns must try this method. Many doubts must be answered or proven. The perception that productivity will decline by working at home rather than in the office makes management continue to ensure there is productive work done by employees.

I am wondering if this WFH proves to be productive and efficient, then working from home can be one of the working model options. It’s a matter of courage coming out of the comfort zone or habits which lasts for decades. How to conquer worries from management and to make sure this is just a matter of moving the job location. The working custom mostly faces to face and sees firsthand the work activities of employees. So, that provides a sense of security and confidence that their employees work. On the other hand, employees required to be able to fight against any interference that impedes productivity. During this time, the employee seems to be hanging out or supervised directly by his supervisor. Now, suddenly released from independent work without direct supervision, they need to accustomed to a new work custom or culture. Are we experiencing culture shock? Of course, and suddenly free from the cage. Not a few people who think, “This is fun, I can be free and relaxed.”.

In reality, what is thought is far from reality. When employees have integrity and commitment to work, coupled with always being self-disciplined in carrying out tasks accompanied by a control or monitor system from management, that thought will never exist. Because working in the office is also a lot of disturbances, friends who come to invite to chat or discussion or meeting, friends who offer snacks, screams, or gossiping behind their desks. It all interferes with effective and efficient work time. By working at home, it can eliminate confounding factors. We become more fixated sitting in front of our laptop table. I didn’t think there was a break after eating and straight back to the table, and no one invited to chat or snack. This is very efficient because we use MS Team as the main media to coordinate and communicate with all employees at AdIns. We can have meetings anywhere in the corner of the house that we never imagined before. With a screen and advanced communication technology, I had never imagined decades ago. 

, Work From Home COVID-19: Blessing For AdIns Behind The Power of Kepepet (URGENCY), Advance Innovations

Indeed, to reach the perfect point takes time to make this new work model a habit. Basic Mentality Training, which based on 7 Habits instilled by the President of Adicipta Inovasi Teknologi, Guntur Gozali, has become its benefit as a mental sharpener to become a new person. Emphasis on corporate values ​​of commitment, Integrity, Synergy, Respect, and Innovation, becomes the foundation that strengthens the formation of an extraordinary employee mentality. Even if I may say, there is a need to periodically make some refreshments of these values. If we can run for ten weeks, this will become a positive habit. This is a learning process, learning by all parties both from the side of Management and Employees. Management learns to give trust to employees and treat employees positively where employees can developing like the theory Y by Douglas McGregor, which will work on its own without orders or supervision from superiors. Y type is the aware type of the duties and responsibilities of his work. Employees must also learn to show they are responsible for carrying out their duties without being ordered or threatened with sanctions.

What benefits can AdIns get:

  • Being added value in the process of recruiting prospective candidates. The company is the choice sought by applicants.
  • Employees have a Good Work-Life Balance. Happiness in personal and family supports increasing work productivity.
  • Reducing company operational costs
  • Minimize problems related to workplace needs.
  • Allow opening businesses in various locations both within and outside the country.
  • Become a business incubator of AdIns employees as a partner of AdIns. Thus the number of employees can be reduced as small as possible. These savings allocated as incentives for developing business partners with employees.
  • If this dream comes true, then this will be a tremendous blessing for AdIns. AdIns will become a slim, agile company, has a stronger and more productive network, of course. Thus the level of corporate sustainability becomes higher. Let’s make this dream come true. How about you?

Written by Andrey Fifo


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11 May 2020