10 Duties of Office Administrators that You Need to Know

10 Duties of Office Administrators that You Need to Know

The office administrator is a very integral part of a company. No matter what industry your company is in, they all need an office administrator. The reason is that the office administrator’s job involves several jobs that support the smooth running of the company. As a result, the duties of office administrators cannot be underestimated.

Many of today’s young generations may choose a career path in the creative or technology fields. However, the office administrator position is still an important job and is always needed at any time. Today’s office administrators use the latest technology to support their work efficiency.

So, what are the duties of office administrator in a company? Let’s cover the most important career fields in this company in this article.

Getting to Know About Office Administration

Duties of Office Administrators, 10 Duties of Office Administrators that You Need to Know, Advance Innovations

Ada baiknya Anda memahami makna administrator terlebih dahulu sebelum memahami pengertian administrator perkantoran. Berdasarkan etimologi, administrator berasal dari bahasa Latin, yaitu ‘ad’ artinya intensif dan ‘ministrare’ yang berarti membantu atau melayani. Administrator perkantoran berarti pekerjaan rutin atau intensif yang berhubungan dengan pengelolaan data atau informasi.

Administrator perkantoran dalam arti sempit berarti segala kegiatan teknis yang memiliki peranan pokok dalam kegiatan operasional perusahaan. Administrator perkantoran memiliki peran penting, yaitu menciptakan efektivitas dalam sebuah perusahaan.

Ada pula pengertian administrator perkantoran dalam arti luas. Dalam hal ini, administrator perkantoran melibatkan perencanaan, pengorganisasian, pengarahan, penyelenggaraan, dan pengawasan setiap pekerjaan di bidang tata usaha kantor dengan baik.

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Duties of Office Administrators

Duties of Office Administrators, 10 Duties of Office Administrators that You Need to Know, Advance Innovations

Office administrators have a large to-do list. Office administrators as people who deal with office administrators are obliged to carry out a number of jobs related to daily office operations. The following are the duties of an office administrator in a company:

1. Making Office Agendas

Preparation of all office agendas including meeting schedules with internal company members or external parties such as clients and suppliers. Office administrators must have good communication skills to do this job. They must communicate about meeting schedules, equipment and supplies needed, and more.

2. Managing Documents

Documents are a valuable asset for the company so they must be managed properly. Document management includes the activities of recording financial statements, meeting minutes, and so on. To manage documents, office administrators must have archiving, bookkeeping, and research skills.

3. Handling the Mailing Process

Office administrators are also responsible for outgoing mail and inputting incoming mail. There are many letters made by office administrators, such as work orders, domicile letters, purchase letters, sales letters, contract extension letters, and so on.

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4. Data Entry

Input or data entry is the most basic office administrator task. Data and information in the form of forms, non-documents, or multimedia data (audio, photos, or videos) must be included in company assets. This data is very important because it stores information related to consumers or clients so it must be done effectively and efficiently.

5. Archiving Data

The inputted data is then archived so that it is not lost. Archived data is very useful for future company development as well as facilitating the process of organizing data. The company must also ensure the security of the data stored in it so that it does not leak, especially if the data contains personal information from customers.

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6. Recapping Data

Perusahaan juga harus melakukan rekapitulasi data yang masuk dan telah diarsip. Rekapitulasi data berguna supaya segala informasi yang disimpan dapat dibaca dan digunakan untuk keperluan perusahaan. Proses perekapan dan pengarsipan data harus dilakukan secara aman agar tidak hilang atau diakses oleh orang yang tak bertanggung jawab.

7. Accepting Phone Calls

The office administrator is also responsible for any incoming phone calls. Good communication skills are required in this task as they serve as a liaison between the caller (external party) and the employees working on it. Office administrators also handle customer complaints if the company does not yet have a customer care or customer service division.

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8. Preparing Accommodation

Some company activities also require accommodation in the process. This accommodation relates to the scheduling process so that it does not collide with other activities being carried out. Examples of such accommodation include official travel tickets, scheduling activities or meetings outside the office, and others.

9. Managing the Office’s Inventory

Office equipment and supplies are also the responsibility of the office administrator. Therefore, the office administrator must create an inventory list of incoming and outgoing goods. This task is very important to do so that the company’s finances are more efficient and all available equipment can be used more optimally.

10. Making Work Reports

The last example of the duties of office administrators is to make work reports. Reporting has become a mandatory activity for any employee, including office administrators. This report can be a comparison between the work plan and its implementation. Reporting is usually done every month, quarter, or year. Office administrators in the company can also develop for the better after knowing the evaluation of this report-making activity.

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The list of tasks above shows that office administrator is the most important job. All the duties of office administrators above will be more efficient and easier to complete thanks to the help of technology, one of which is the Document Management System (DMS) application. Use the DMS application from AdIns with a simpler interface that makes it easier to use.

It doesn’t matter if you are working from home because this DMS application can be accessed anywhere via the link provided. There is no doubt about its security because your data will be stored with the latest encryption system and is always updated. Contact us now to try the demo version of the LiteDMS AdIns application so that your company will be more efficient in completing the duties of office administrators!

Duties of Office Administrators, 10 Duties of Office Administrators that You Need to Know, Advance Innovations

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17 November 2022