11 Most Searched IT Jobs in 2023, Here They Are

11 Most Searched IT Jobs in 2023, Here They Are

In the modern digital era, companies will be seen as competitive if they can integrate information technology (IT) in every aspect of their work. It’s a no-brainer that companies within the same or different industries strive to find the best talents by opening IT jobs.

As a company owner, surely you want your company to remain in the game in the middle of IT competition by building a trustworthy IT team. The problem is, you need to know several IT-related positions that a company can employ based on your company’s needs. Read the following article to find the kind of job you need for your company!

What is IT?

IT, or Information Technology, is an industry focused on the use of computers and technology to manage, store, send, and analyze information.

Currently, IT jobs are vital in supporting so many industries. In fact, almost every aspect of business is now inseparable from IT which in turn pushes companies to find the exact kind of employees they need. IT teams can also significantly help their companies to achieve their business goals.

The Most Popular IT Jobs in 2023 

In 2023, the demand for IT jobs will only get higher and higher. Let’s see the examples of the most popular IT jobs in Indonesia thus far!

1. UI/UX Designer

UI/UX Designer, being the abbreviation of User Interface dan User Experience Designer, is responsible for designing eye-catching interfaces and user experiences when a customer interacts with a website or app. The main task of this job is to combine visual design elements and functionality to maintain an aesthetic and intuitive interface. 

In an increasingly tech-oriented business, a good interface and user experience are tantamount to winning the competition. This is why, recruiting talented and creative UI/UX designers will be a valuable investment for your company.

2. Web Developer

Being highly desirable for a long time, Web Developer remains dear to the industry today. This position is tasked with building and maintaining a website by using the latest programming languages and website technologies. Web Developer is a key element in ensuring a company’s strong digital presence. 

The Web Developer job includes the coding of visual appearance from UI/UX Designers’ designs into functional HTML, CSS, and JavaScript codes. They are also focused on responsive and mobile-friendly aspects of a website to make sure the website can be accessed without a hitch on any device. Furthermore, Web Developers are also responsible for optimizing a website’s performance to ensure it’s quick to load and SEO-friendly. 

3. IT Maintenance

IT maintenance is the backbone of a company’s business operations. More and more companies are going to rely on complex and advanced tech systems that can only be handled by IT maintenance experts. 

IT Maintenance is responsible for ensuring all software and hardware in a company run smoothly and optimally. IT maintenance experts do routine maintenance, improvement, and system upgrades to handle all IT-related problems. When a technical problem takes place, IT maintenance has to respond quickly and efficiently to suppress the potential damage to business productivity and efficiency. 

4. IT Support

Compared to IT maintenance, IT support is more focused on giving technical support in handling software and hardware problems. They often communicate with the staff who are the device and system users, which makes communication skills very essential for IT support. IT support also needs to maintain a high level of patience as the staff may have different comprehension of technology that varies from person to person. 

Furthermore, IT support that’s also involved in solving network problems, recovering lost data, and managing the users’ accounts. IT support has a role in optimizing the use of devices and ensuring that all the systems within the company’s environment work without a problem.

5. Software Developer

A software developer is tasked with designing, developing, and testing software that will be used for the company’s needs. Apart from designing software, software developers are also tasked with analyzing business needs and writing program codes by using certain programming languages such as Java, Python, C++, or JavaScript based on the projects’ demands. 

Software developers are also responsible for testing and correcting errors inside of software so that the software is stable and bug-free. They also collaborate with other teams, such as UI/UX designers and Web Developers to ensure smooth cooperation between different technical elements. 

6. Programmer

Programmer tasks are similar to developers, whether they are software, game, or mobile application programmers. The difference lies in the fact that programmers are more focused on the writing of program codes and developing apps or systems based on predetermined specifications. Programmers are the brains behind the development of software, apps, and systems that we use daily. 

In 2023, programming jobs are still popular as ever thanks to the increasing demand for tech-based apps and solutions. Programmers cooperate with the business analysis team and management team to understand the appsneeds and design a suitable solution. 

7. Machine Learning Engineer

As artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more and more accessible to the public, the job of machine learning engineering slowly becomes popular overnight. Companies will require machine learning engineers to build a system capable of self-learning and adapting from existing data.

The responsibilities of a machine learning engineer include designing and developing machine learning models, performing experiments, and evaluating as well as updating the existing models. Engineers rely on algorithms and data analysis techniques to recognize useful patterns and trends in the decision-making process. 

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8. Game Developer

If you work in the entertainment or gaming industry, a game developer job is a lucrative position. Your company will need to recruit game developers if you want to apply gamification in apps that your company has designed. 

The responsibilities of game developers include creating enjoyable and challenging games for players and taking care of the development of the game‘s technical and creative aspects. Certain programming languages such as C++, C#, or Python are the primary requirements for becoming a machine learning engineer.  In addition, the ability to use game engines such as Unity or Unreal Engine will make a machine learning engineer more desirable for companies. 

9. Mobile Application Developer

Other than game developers, there are also mobile application developers that hold a huge role in creating optimized apps for mobile or cellular devices. A mobile application developer must master several programming languages such as Java for the Android platform and Swift for the iOS platform.  

In addition, mobile application developers must understand the prerequisites and guidelines from both platforms to ensure that the apps they have to send are compliant with the standards and be able to be uploaded to both app stores without any problems.

10. Network Administrator

In 2023, the role of network administrators is becoming more highly sought after as the number of companies that rely on complex network infrastructure to support their business only adds each day. A network administrator is responsible for managing and maintaining the company’s networks.  

A network administrator must be able to ensure that the company’s network can work just fine, safe, and accessible for all the staff. The ability in dealing with numerous network problems quickly and efficiently is tantamount for a network administrator. Should a network problem or attack takes place, the network administrator has to work quickly and accurately to minimize the potential damage to the company. 

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11. Information Security Specialist

The last entry on this list is the equally important information security specialist position. Also known as a cybersecurity specialist, this job position is becoming higher in demand as the cases of cybercrime only continue to multiply each year. 

To protect the company’s network and system, cyber security specialists are responsible for identifying and decreasing the risk of cybercrime. The main task of the specialist is to identify potential security breaches, implement security solutions, and monitor as well as protect the network and the system from possible cyberattacks.  Furthermore, the cyber security specialist has to develop and implement cybersecurity policies as well as educate the staff to increase their awareness about cybersecurity.

As the number of Indonesian companies that rely on IT will only increase shortly, it is no wonder that the 11 IT jobs above are becoming more and more popular in the country. If you’re a company owner, you will probably encounter problems and obstacles in recruiting ideal IT staff, such as the recruits’ potential lack of skills and the obligation to perform tests to test their competence.

As a solution, you can rely on the ACE (AdIns Center of Excellence) service to recruit outsourced IT staff. You don’t have to add any more problems by doing recruitment and selection processes for certain IT jobs because AdIns has reliable and experienced IT experts ready to work for your company. Contact us through WhatsApp to consult about IT jobs and staff that you may need in your company!

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