13 Management Project Tools Recommendations to Make IT Jobs Easier

13 Management Project Tools Recommendations to Make IT Jobs Easier

In the IT industry, project management is a vital step to business success. IT support usually has complex responsibilities and tasks that they need to manage effectively. For this reason, using project management tools is the key to ensuring better efficiency, collaboration, and management.

In this article, we’ll explore why using project management tools is important and recommend 13 of the best tools to make IT work easier.

Why Do We Need These Tools

The use of project management tools offers many benefits for IT companies. The following are the reasons why these tools are becoming inseparable from the modern IT industry.

1. Improving Resource Management

Good resource management is the key element of a project’s success. Project management tools can give the ability for the team due to do monitoring and allocation of resources more efficiently. IT team can easily see who has certain workloads, identify team members with special abilities, and ensure that the resources are utilized properly.

2. Creating Better Team Collaboration

Projects in the IT industry often involve people with different abilities. The use of project management tools can help create better collaboration between different teams. Team members can easily communicate, share ideas, and access project information more easily. This benefit helps minimize misunderstanding and accelerate the project’s overall progress.

3. Improving the Effectiveness of Task Delegation

In complex IT projects, every task must be distributed properly. By using project management tools, a project manager can easily manage and distribute tasks to team members who are the most suitable based on their skills and experiences. This ensures that every single team member knows what are expected from them and how to finish their tasks with high efficiency.

4. Helping Identification and Mitigation of Existing Risks

IT projects often involve a high level of complexity and varied risks. Project management tools can help in identifying and analyzing existing risks so that the team knows how to plan steps to decrease or mitigate these risks. With continuous monitoring and evaluation, risk mitigation can be done better so that the team can minimize potential problems that may obstruct the project’s progress.

5. Helping Create Process Standardization

Every IT project family involves different work processes. By using project management tools, companies can create process standardization for certain projects. By doing so, work teams can follow the tested and efficient procedure, minimize mistakes, and increase work quality.


Considering the availability of project management tools out there, it is important to choose the ones most suitable for your team and projects. Here are the recommendations of the tools that can help your work.


JIRA is one of the most popular and versatile project management tools. Developed and designed by Atlassian, JIRA offers multiple features that include task management, bug tracking, sprint planning, and many others. With JIRA, IT teams can easily collaborate and manage their projects with high efficiency.

2. Trello

Trello it is a project management tool that makes it possible for the project management team to manage all kinds of projects, workflows, and task monitoring. You can easily add files, checklists, and even automation. Trello can help project managers in identifying the team’s current activities, who is doing what, and the currently ongoing projects.

You can think of Trello as a whiteboard filled with sticky notes about a project team’s task deadlines. On this whiteboard, every single sticky note has its attachments such as photos, documents, or other elements that can be used to discuss and cooperate with other team members.

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3. ProofHub

ProofHub is a centralized project management tool that gives you the ability to make a list of tasks, workflows, calendars, discussions, and documents. This tool helps project managers in planning, setting, and tracking the team members’ work. Furthermore, because team members will have to submit many reports such as work and resource reports, this tool makes collaboration with the team or external clients much easier.

4. Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project is a project management tool with complete features. This too can help you in managing resources, and creating schedules, plans, and projects more simply. Microsoft Project is very suitable for complex and large-scale IT projects as the tool can manage resources, set schedules, and provide in-depth analysis.

5. TeamGantt

TeamGantt tool can offer you Gantt graphics online. With this tool, project managers can easily plan, schedule, and manage complex projects.

Furthermore, you can invite teams, clients, or stakeholders to see and edit the Gantt chart easily and simply.

6. Wrike

Wrike is a multi-functional project management tool that can help your teams cooperate better and increase communication transparency. Wrike has many features for document management, collaboration, and communication that make it possible for you to determine priorities and balance the team to work faster and smarter.

7. Asana

Asana has so many good features for task management and collaboration, but some people think that this tool has an overly simple interface and an utterly rigid system.

Asana combines the elements of project, management, and file storage collaboration, and can help you in managing projects for the entire team without having to send the files manually through email.

8. Basecamp

For projects with large-scale teams, Basecamp is currently one of the most popular project management tools. Basecamp has a light interface with team collaboration features and contemporary social media. As a result, this is a good tool capable of combining all project needs in a single platform.

9. Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is a project management tool beneficial for businesses to track tasks, cooperate, monitor mistakes, and create easily usable reports. The tool has several features such as Gantt charts and the ability to demand the deadline for tasks simultaneously.

In addition, Zoho Projects also has communication features such as real-time chat and forum pages.

10. Notion

Notion is a project management tool fully equipped with features to collaborate with teams, write, and make plans. With modern-looking features and interface, Notion can help project planning with timeline sharing features and file storage for any file related to the work projects.

11. Monday.com

Monday.com is a project management tool with interesting and easily readable interface. Monday.com makes it possible for the team to manage tasks, fulfill deadlines, and build transparency within the team. Furthermore, there are also other interface options such as maps and calendars.

12. Scoro

Scoro is a complete solution that combines all the features you need for a project management tool such as contact management, project management and tasking, team notes, team collaboration, deadline fulfillment, and report.

Scoro streamlines the entire project workflow so that you do not have to utilize different tools for every project. You can easily store all your important data in one platform.

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13. Projectmanager.com

Projectmanager.com is a tool that makes it possible for users to plan, track, and report projects online. The most interesting part of this tool is that it is fully integrated with Google Apps, Microsoft Word, Excel, and Project.

This tool gives the ability to do project planning and scheduling with effective team management, project balance, and effective document storage.

Using project management tools is slowly becoming an obligation for business owners and their IT departments. Benefits such as the increase in resource management, better team collaboration, the effectivity of task delegation, risk identification and mitigation, and project standardization will help increase the productivity and efficiency in managing IT projects.

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